Friday, 4 February 2011

Lesson Plans For Social Studies

Lesson Plan For Life
The best lessons not only give us information but have us grow. We learn best when we are willing students. We won't always know when we are right in the middle of a life lesson. What are we learning? We acquire skills over the course of our life. Learning never ends.
Our grade teacher is no longer breathing down our necks forcing us to study. Sometimes the lessons smack us upside the head with their impact. The best students are the ones who are willing to explore.
The idea of life as lesson can chafe at us. A small time crook can learn more about crime in prison then out on the streets. What lessons do we want to learn?

What is needed is a willingness to keep growing. Lesson Plans
School teachers have lesson plans. The fancy wedding is instead a solo life lived in the mountains. Look at your life with new eyes and new questions. What would you like to learn now? Create a lesson plan for your life going forward. This lesson plan is in your control. Our life lessons can empower us. Ask questions. Look for new information and transform you life one lesson at a time.
If you are one of these teachers this article is to help you create a lesson plan for your students.
If you are a special education teacher you are probably having trouble creating a lesson plan for your students. A special education lesson plan is an educational technique or teaching method that is made specifically for students of any age group that have some disabilities.
Now, the lesson plans do vary depending on the student's disability, its extremeness and the student's age. Some of the topics a special education lesson plan covers are math, language, arts, science, music, computer and internet lessons, P.E., social studies, health, etc. The plans cover pretty much every subject that those in a regular class are learning but the material is changed to suit the students.
Also, reading, writing and any public speaking should be encouraged by the special education teacher as it will help the students in the long run.
As long as you have a well thought out lesson plan you will be able to enhance the student's feelings and responses, the student's reasoning ability and reading skills, create a sense of fulfillment in the student, promote the student to communicate, help the student to achieve motor control and physical wellness, etc. Hence, it is most important for any special education teacher to thoroughly plan out a well thought lesson plan as this will enable and enhance the learning process of these special students.
Do not just take the lesson plan and use it but modify it to suit the individual student.
With a good special education lesson plan you are able to accomplish so much in making the student's life the best it can be.


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