Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Primary School Books

Get Ready For School - Reading Tips For Young Kids
Good habits are best formed when kids are young. In the primary years, kids sit on the floor to hear stories read by the teacher from a story book. Even before then, propping your baby on your lap with a book often, helps baby to associate holding books with being in a fun, safe environment. After your child is asleep in her cot, leave one or two picture books within reach so that she sees them when she wakes up. The best environment for reading is away from distractions like TV or computer screens. If parents (or carer) are consistently relaxed and unhurried when reading together, kids are likely to follow suit, and remain calm and engaged with their book. Carers reading to kids often - even if only for short periods - prepares kids from a young age to enjoy listening to stories. It helps get them ready to engage with story-time at school.

Encouraging young kids to 'read' aloud as well - i.e. tell a story with book in hand while turning the pages - lays fabulous foundations to enjoy quiet reading in the future when they reach middle and upper primary school.
One of the alarming trends of the modern world is the ever-declining standard of literacy amongst school children. Given the choice of whether to read a good book, to watch television or play the latest PSP game, there is no contest. Reading a good book will be at the bottom of the list. So what can be done to convince children that reading is fun?
Parents need to be doing more to encourage reading. Children need to be introduced to books from a very young age. There are board books available for toddlers and a very good selection of delightful picture books for the pre-school child.
But I am going to focus on books for the primary school child. What books should every child be exposed to? What books should be on the bookshelf of every household with school-going children? First let us ask ourselves what the primary purpose of reading is. The child who reads for the love of it will be the child who reads often. The child who reads often will be the child who reads well. And the child who reads well holds the key to knowledge in his hand.
Keeping the focus on reading with enjoyment, I have compiled a list of the top ten books which every child should read.
This thought-provoking book is set during the time of the holocaust when Bruno, the young son of the Commander of Auschwitz, notices that everyone in the next garden is wearing 'striped pyjamas'. Boy - Roald Dahl
A delightful book which will be enjoyed not only by children but adults as well.
The Wickedest Witch in the World - Beverley Nichols
Waiting for Anya - Michael Morpurgo
The story, set in a village in Nazi occupied France, revolves around a young boy, Jo, who stumbles onto the fact that Jewish children are being smuggled out of France across the border into Spain. An old widow and her son-in-law live in constant danger as they are instrumental in saving the lives of countless children. Waiting for Anya. An exciting but sad story which deals honestly with the grim realities of war.
The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett
This children's classic is a must read.
The children help Aslan, the lion save Narnia from the witch and so end the winter which has reigned for a century. The theme of good versus evil is continued in the following six books with different children visiting Narnia and doing battle against evil. These books have been hugely popular over the years and are a combination of adventure and fantasy which will delight every child.
Carrie's War - Nina Bawden
The experience is a one of mixed emotions for the two young children. They live with the village grocer Mr Evans and his sister Auntie Lou. An excellent book which paints a vivid picture of the life of the evacuees during the 2nd World War.
A hilariously funny book about the adventures of the author when, as a young boy, his family moved to the Greek island of Corfu during the 1930's. A book which is read and enjoyed by children and adults alike.
The Borrowers - Mary Norton
A truly delightful story.
Charlotte's Web - E B White


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