Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Teachers Association

Teacher Association

Teachers Association
Teachers AssociationWhy is healthy parent teacher communication important? Well, parents and teachers have a common goal – the child’s success. Too many parents and teachers today engage in a pointless blame game when the child has difficulties , rather than cooperating on remedial measures. The first push for more effective parent teacher communication must often come from the parents. It also gives teachers a chance to apprise the parents of any issues that their child may be facing at school, and to provide suggestions on addressing these.
The fact that some parents tend to rely too much on school buses costs them many opportunities to connect with their child’s teachers. It pays to pick the child up from school occasionally, utilizing these times to catch up with the teachers. Improved parent teacher communication requires accessibility.
Parents should ensure that they have exchanged telephone numbers and email IDs with all concerned teachers at school. Where an interactive parent-teacher website is available, this should be exploited.
The school’s Parent Teacher Association should not be seen as a necessary burden, but a heaven-sent opportunity for bulwarking parent teacher relationships.
Although the Parent Teachers Association has worked together closely to make sure all teachers can pass a criminal background check, there are still those teachers that somehow slide through the cracks.
A teacher background check should be an important item on your child’s semester agenda since they get new teachers every semester. Once the get to middle school they will have multiple teachers. In some school districts a child can deal with over 10 different teachers every semester if you include their extracurricular activities. Making sure your children are safe is important and so should doing a teacher background check on all the teachers that your child comes into contact with.
The last thing anyone wants is to find out that their child became impregnated by a teacher or that their child made a teacher pregnant. Take it one more step and do teacher background checks to make sure that teacher has not done a crime since his or her school board criminal background check.
As a parent, you know all students need adequate parental support but teachers also need support from the parents; furthermore, you can help your kids more by doing what you can to help their teachers. You will learn ways to help your kids excel at school while supporting the teachers.
Let your kid’s teachers know how you feel about them. Let others know your kid’s teachers are doing a good job. Directly find out what your kid’s classroom environment is like and show the teachers you care about them and your kid. Join the Parents and Teachers Association. Attend the PTA meetings.
Teachers often buy textbooks and other things for students. If you can afford it, donate some money to the teachers and school to help cover the tab. Help your teachers spend less time focusing on discipline. Teach your kids to respect the teachers and behave at school.
Spend a day in your kid’s classroom. Help handle the school parties.
If you cannot help your kids master a particular class and the teacher provides after-school tutoring, make your kids attend the sessions. You have the power to help your kid succeed at school and support the teachers.



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