Saturday, 5 February 2011

Science Lesson Idea

Science Project Idea For First Grade Students
Whether parents remember it or not, entering the first grade is a big step in your child's life. Children understand that they are in a more serious school setting. To help your first grader adjust well to school life and to the pressures they may face, begin helping them with their first grade homework. One of the ways you can do this is to help them come up with a good science project idea. Not many other first grade classes require students to create a project that they have to give in.
The science project idea you and your child come up with should be one that is relevant to what your child is learning in school. This will make your child feel better because they are working on a topic they know, and it will help them gain a sense of ownership over their project.
Look over your child's notebook or textbook, and discuss the different lessons or science concepts with them. Find a topic your child seems to enjoy and have fun with. This should be the topic on which you will come up with a science project idea. Choosing a topic your child likes will encourage them towards science and school, and they will develop a good view or attitude towards school work. Some science projects have to be presented in front of class, which makes your child being comfortable with the topic even more important!
Once you've come up with your science project idea, you can begin the project. Try to make your child do as much of the project as possible.
Science fairs are an excellent way of getting students involved in science. Science fairs also allow parents to be actively involved in their child's education, helping to spark their imaginations and fan the flames into a lifelong interest in the world around them.
The following list of items are things you don't want to do if you want your child to have a successful science fair project:
Let your child choose the topic. 2. Don't do the project for your child. While it is a great idea to help your child figure out how to do the project, as well as to help them do it, give them the opportunity to try. Science projects are meant to be active. While your child should be doing projects that are appropriate for their age, grade, and ability levels, it is perfectly normal for them to want to try different projects. It is also perfectly normal for one project to lead to questions that may lead to variations in the project. Relax and enjoy the project, and be sure to let your child do the same.
Project Ideas
There are literally thousands of potential science fair projects. If your child is curious about it and wants to know more, it can probably be turned into a science project. That puts you on the road to a great science fair project. Some examples of questions children ask and how to make them into projects are:
You and your child can watch the seed germinate and grow, sprouting through the surface and becoming a plant.
How does electricity work? The real goal of science projects, and of science fairs, is to encourage exploration.


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