Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Primary Education

Primary Education
Literacy is a fundamental right of every human being irrespective of geographical boundaries and every child is entitled to receive basic education. Different disciplines contribute accordingly in the spread of education. Here it is to be pointed out that education begins form the grassroots level at home among one's family and peers but elementary school education begins in the form of primary education and is followed by secondary education and then higher education. Therefore it is not wrong to refer to primary education as the first step towards attaining a bright future. Primary education more often follows nursery or pre-school education. Primary education is a vital stage in the development of the consciousness and personality of the child as it is at this juncture that a whole new world of bright ideas and knowledge open up in front of their eyes.
At this stage children are extremely inquisitive and elementary education must encourage this tendency among the children. As the child attains about twelve years of age, he becomes eligible for high school or secondary education. However there are several educational institutions which provide middle school facilities which make the transition form primary to secondary schools quite gradual. Literacy is one of the most important goals that primary education sets to achieve and primary education concerns itself with introducing the study of history, geography, science and the various social sciences along with the necessary languages that need to be learnt. Primary education also encourages the practicing of the liberal arts like music, dance, fine arts and even facilitates physical fitness along with the development of the mind.
Network Marketing is a booming industry spreading like wild fire around the world. Some will start the traditional "brick-and-mortar" businesses but many will harness the power of the internet and start Network Marketing and Internet Marketing as their own small, home-based business with very minimal(or none) overheads compared to the traditional businesses.
The prerequisites for Network Marketing business success is essentially Communication and the genuine products for sale. First, the products to be sold are genuine quality products of value to people. Genuine Networking business will sell high quality products of value to people's livelihood. Whereas, pyramid scheme will hide behind the networking business structure only to sell(if at all) some gadgets that are of dubious value to people's lives.
Secondly, Network Marketers should be good in Communication. Network Marketers who are successful invest their time and money to re-educate and re-train themselves to be good communicators to run their business.
Even in Internet Marketing, the level of education expected from any successful Internet Marketers is mere Primary Education. It is said that the level of language(=English), that any successful Internet Marketer should write on the internet is Grade 8(Primary School) level. The other marketing method is the Pay-per-Click. Article Marketing requires time and writing skills whilst Pay-per-Click(PPC) requires money investment.
It is paramount for any society to create a mass of successful entrepreneurs to ensure the successful implementation of primary education in instilling the life-long soft skills into their students/children.
Too much classroom time devoted to test-preparation and test-taking is another.
And our schools continue to fail. Numerous articles and studies show that we are shortchanging all of our students, including our very best students.
2) Drop-outs are increasing drastically. It is time for a COMPLETE REFORM of our education programs in USA public schools. USA schools were ranked 24th around the globe, when we sent our best and brightest. The only countries that ranked lower were Cypress and South Africa. The problem starts at the top.
Teachers have been taking the blame for school failures for too long. But, to say that national change will only occur community-by-community is not only unrealistic, it is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. One way or another, we will pay if we do not improve education nationally. We MUST straighten-out our public schools NOW!


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