Thursday, 3 March 2011

Violence In Schools

Violence In Schools - Prevention Is Everyone's Responsibility
Parents send their children to school thinking their child will be safe, cared for and protected. Sadly many children experience violence in schools of one form or another.
Preventing violence in schools is a difficult and overwhelming task. Many school administrators offer on campus police officers to patrol the schools. Some schools have even installed metal detectors to ensure safety. Teachers and Administrators try to prevent violent behavior in school by enforcing a No Tolerance Policy, but there are only so many educators, administration and security compared to the vast student population.

High Schools Online

Online Education Expands to High Schools Online
Following the trend set by colleges around the world, a younger group of students is leaving the classroom behind and enrolling in high schools online. Learning online is becoming increasingly popular among high school students who do not favor learning in a traditional classroom environment. A variety of students can benefit from schools online, from those with behavioral or social issues to students with an increased interest in computers and technology.

Pre School Games

Understanding Your Pre School Child
If your child is in the pre school stage this only means one thing- you are done with the terrible 2's and 3's. Now, comes a new world for parenting. This is now a whole new different ball game. This is the time when your precious ones are starting to explore.
Pre school ranges from ages 4- 6 years of age, this is what they call the exploratory or the questioning age. Questioning age because your pre school never stops asking the "why" questions- so parents start reviewing you general knowledge if you don't want to sound foolish in front of your kid.

Graduate School Rankings

Graduate School Rankings
Over a lifetime, the gap in earning potential between a high school diploma and a graduate (or higher) is more than $1,000,000.
Such figures act as a motivation for several students to pursue higher studies. Depending upon the course that they want to study, students decide upon certain schools to apply to. Different schools have become famous for different disciplines.
Each top graduate school in the U.S. is renowned for certain specialties. This reputation makes students seek out universities as per specialties. In the field of education, Harvard University (MA), the University Of California and Stanford University (CA) are the leaders.