Saturday, 12 February 2011

After School Clubs

Which Program is Better For After School Activities - Recreational Or Educational?
After-School Program: Recreational VS Educational
Children require entertaining. Socializing is also an important part of growing and doing activities outsideschool expands their social circle and social skills. There are pros and cons to both educational and recreational extra curricular activities.
Some parents feel that sending their child to another educational setting straight from school, or during a weekend is too much pressure and they should be allowed to relax and go to clubs or youth centers where they can just talk and play games with friends.
You can argue that by sending your child to an educational after school club such as French classes gives them more socializing AND boosts their education, that it is not as strenuous as in school and so is more enjoyable. Drama and singing is often classed as recreational but can bring many advantages to your children when in a school setting too.

The Teaching Of Science In Primary Schools

Teaching - Seven Uniquenesses of the Teaching Profession
The teaching profession is profoundly unique. Let's look at some of the reasons teaching is unique and why shortages are common across the country, specifically in specialized subject areas such as science, math, and special education.
There are seven ways in which teachers/educators are unique professionals:
First, we've already established the fact that teachers embrace the field of education as a calling not as a job. Let's face it, teaching is a very complex and demanding career that requires teachers to be managers of people, analyzers of data, and researchers of best practices and instructional methodologies-and these skills are utilized each day. In any other major profession that required the same unique qualifications, teachers would make significantly more money.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Extended School Services

Extended School Year For Special Education Or Summer Recreation Program - Which is Best?

Is your school district offering a summer recreation program, in stead of extended school year services (ESY), for your child with autism? This article will discuss the difference between summer recreation programs, and extended school year services.
Extended school year services (ESY), are special education services, given outside of the regular school year. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), extended school year needs to be given to a child, if they require it to receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE). A court case Reusch vs Fountain came up with several factors that need to be kept in mind, when determining if a child needs ESY services. These factors are; regression and recoupment, nature and severity of your child's disability, skills that are just being learned (emerging skills), whether the child's behavior interferes with their learning, and any special circumstances that relate to your child.
Academic remediation is a good reason to ask for ESY, if your child needs it.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Teacher Assistant Jobs In Nyc

Achieve Your Career Goals With Math Tutor NYC Job Interview Mistakes!
Due to overlap of math with many other disciplines, math has become a primary standard for qualifying any entrance exam. Despite of being very interesting by nature, it is commonly found that very few kids show obvious interest in math; the only possible reason behind their fear for math can be complex teaching methods of math teachers. It is true that only a math teacher can develop arithmetic skills in a kid as he possess the ability to make math most complex or just a play for students. Good arithmetic skills can prove to be the best companion of any student in making a desired career in any industry as basic math is an integral part of every competitive exam and one has to get good market in it for qualifying.
Kids who do not get proper assistance by their math teachers at school usually hire math tutors to understand every aspect of math.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Teacher Assistant Certification

Yoga Teacher Guidelines for Assisting, Part 1
What should Yoga teachers know about giving an assist before a potential legal problem arises? Do physical assists in Yoga postures make you feel uncomfortable? Is it really necessary for Yoga teachers to give a physical assist?
What should Yoga teachers know about giving an assist before a potential problem arises? As a Yoga teacher, Yoga instructor, or body worker, you should have clear cut policies concerning many things, but let's focus on physical assists for now. This gives Yoga students a chance to be informed as to what to realistically expect from Yoga. This policy of clear cut information, and an interview before classes, is good for the Yoga teacher and the student. From the start, you are developing the student / teacher relationship and creating a rapport with new Yoga students.
Now, add to this that a Yoga student should do a warm-up before jumping into class. When a student is injured, in one of your Yoga classes, you will ultimately take responsibility.
Yoga teacher ethics should be thoroughly covered in all Yoga certification programs. Just like Yoga teachers often say to their students, "Stay in the moment." Yoga teachers know about balancing and cleansing them. There are many Mudras and learning this is part of a Hatha Yoga teacher's continuing education.
A Yoga teacher should be clean in mind, body, and spirit. Every Hatha Yoga teacher is familiar with these six Kriyas.