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Teachers - Five Great Games and Activities For You to Get to Know Your Students

Now that the new school year is fast approaching, it's important that teachers get to know their new students, students get to know their teacher and students get to know each other. 1. Name The Student
On the first day of school my students and I played this game. I divided students into small groups of 4-6 and since my classroom seating arrangements already had my students separated into small groups, this was easy. The first student in the first group said his name. The next student then said his name and repeated the first student's name. The third student gave his name and repeated the first two.

This continued until all the students in the group had said their names. Students not only said their names and the names of the students in their group but the previous group(s) students' names as well. Students sit in a circle on the floor. I tell the students my favourite food and roll a ball to one of the other students. They give their name and favourite food and roll the ball to another student. This continues until all students have said their favourite food. The last student gets to select the favourite topic for the next round.
d. etc., etc., etc.
The students move around the classroom from one student to another, asking each other these questions. When they find a student who has done the activity, they jot down his name beside the statement. Have the students sit in a large circle. Each student starts with a 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper with their name written at the very visibly at the top. Tell the students that they must think of 3 positive things about each person in the class. Each student passes the sheet they have to the next student beside them in the circle. At the end, for a class of 30 students there should be 90 positive comments. What a great way to build student self esteem.
The special student was selected by the previous student of the week and was chosen for any positive reasons; friendliness, helpfulness, consideration of others, etc. The student received a classroom reward (a prize or treat). Each student had to be selected at least once before another student could be selected a second time.
Use these classroom team building activities and not only will you and your students get to know each other, but they are a great way to build student motivation, self esteem, and student camaraderie.
It can be a bit frightening as well, both for the teacher and the student. One way to establish your leadership in a firm, yet friendly, way is to form a welcome line as the students enter the classroom.
Meet your students at the door, introduce yourself, ask their name and shake their hand. The second student then shakes hands with the first student and stands next in line. Each person, as he enters, is warmly greeted by the teacher and the introduce to the first student, who in turn introduces him to the next student, and so on, forming a line all around the outside of the classroom.
When all of the students have entered the classroom and have shaken hands with all of the other students, the teacher then greets them again and has them sit in pre-assigned seats. Having students sit in alphabetical order makes it easier to learn their names quickly.
1. All students have met each other and the teacher.
4. Students feel more secure when they see the teacher is organized.

You may also find it helpful in learning students names quickly with a "picture seating chart." 
If you have access to a yearbook with student pictures, you can photocopy the pictures, put the name of the student on their picture, and place them in the seating arrangement you desire.

2. Pictures cannot be moved by an unauthorized student.
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