Wednesday, 19 January 2011

High School Program

Online High School Programs Help Troubled Students

As the popularity of online higher education continues to grow, a younger group of students has noticed the convenience of online learning. Online courses are a realistic option for young students with medical or behavior issues who cannot succeed in a traditional high school.
One such student, Chelsea Ballenger, 18, from Tacoma, Washington, might not have earned her high school diploma without the option of online school. Ballenger was not able to achieve success at a traditional high school, or even an alternative school. She enrolled in her local community college's Fresh Start program,
a scholarship program designed to help students earn their high school diploma in a different setting and begin working toward college credits. Tacoma Virtual Learning, an online education program for high school students, launched this fall by Tacoma Public Schools. About 100 students have already enrolled in Tacoma Virtual Learning.
Nearly 500 students withdrew from Tacoma high schools last year to pursue an online learning program through another district because Tacoma did not offer one. All online courses are free to students who are enrolled full-time status in a public school. Cincinnati Schools Woodward High School's Career Programs
Woodward High School, which is part of Cincinnati Schools, established its career technical programs in 2003 and these programs have been growing ever since. All high schools in the Cincinnati Schools follow a college preparatory curriculum but as part of the restructuring of high schools in the Cincinnati Schools, small specialized courses were developed. Woodward Career Technical High School is not only a resurrected small school but a replacement school for the razzed Woodward High School. Students began attending school in the new building in 2005. The Woodward Career Technical High School is designed to give students a smaller, more centered learning environment that will better prepare students for their future. The success of these programs over the last couple of years has led to Cincinnati Schools developing seven more small, focused high schools housed within the existing high schools. Over the next few years, Cincinnati Schools plans to redesign and rebuild all the high schools in the Cincinnati Schools system.
Cincinnati Schools' Woodward High School's Three Technical Programs
Students can choose which program is the best for them. The health technologies program educates students in health services careers focusing on biotechnology and medical laboratory work. Cincinnati Schools' Aiken's Public Service Learning High School
Another innovative high school program in the Cincinnati Schools is the Aiken's Public Service Learning High School. The Aiken's Public Service Learning High School program offers students the chance to earn college level credit for the work the students do. Aiken's Public Service Learning High School will also have an intensive college preparatory program called University High School.
Without a high school diploma, your career can be severely hampered. The possibility of getting an accredited online high school diploma is a Godsend for many students. The first step for such students is to get a high school diploma. An alternative option for such students is to take an online high school diploma program. Being able to do this program online offers tremendous benefits. The important thing is that students are able to spot bogus online schools offering diplomas. There is information that students can arm themselves with to ensure that they choose the best online high school diploma programs.
One such information is to ensure that the online school is accredited. There are websites that provide a database of legitimately accredited online high school diploma programs and colleges.


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