Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Student Portal For Student Jobs

College Makes Smart Moving Using SOA to Launch Self-Service Student Portal
Online enrollment at Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) is doubling each year. Additionally, the college's student profile is changing. Today's students are technologically proficient, accustomed to communicating, socializing and conducting business online. The college needed an innovative and efficient way of engaging this new generation of students.
FSCJ launched a new student portal - called Connections - based on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology, providing a rich Web 2.0 experience and leveraging data housed in its ERP systems built on Adabas and Natural. Benefits have included:

- Enrollment has increased 5% since implementing Connections
- Annual savings of more than $250,000 as a result of increased online transactions
- Students save travel time and costs with 24/7 online access to services
- Students using Connections build stronger relationships with faculty
- Connections extends FSCJ's existing investments in the ERP system built on Adabas and Natural
- Upgrades are fast and easy - thanks to the flexibility of Service Oriented Architecture
The college believes Connections is the first and most effective application of portal technology and SOA by a state college. It represents the most effective Web-enablement of self-serve student enrollment, registration and advisory resources.
Credit card companies along with other creditors routinely target college students for their products and services. To combat this issue, colleges are increasingly offering financial education as part of their curriculum. Further, colleges are increasing looking for new ways to expand their financial education programs and services for their students.
Companies like Strativia Software work with colleges to build branded financial education web portals and other web-based resources. Tools like those offered by Strativia help college students place more importance on managing their money starting now. College students learn to establish a spending plan, develop an emergency fund, understand investing, and start retirement planning. The benefits of these web portals will positively affect these students for a lifetime. Graduate students tend to have better skills, more connections, and deserving receive higher compensation for their advanced expertise. Luckily, there is an abundance of online resources for prospective college students. Online education portals, for one, can prove invaluable for prospective students interested in:
o Distance learning through an online school or campus-based learning through a traditional college or university
o Associate's Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, or Doctoral Degree Programs
o Programs for military students (active duty, reserve, and veterans)

Education portals often include a wealth of information about campus-based and online colleges and universities, distance learning, military college students, and the effect of the economy on the education industry. Available degree programs include nursing, accounting, management, education, and more. Prospective students are also encouraged to visit higher education blogs for student commentary, updates to procedures and fees, and the latest news regarding post secondary education.
Some portals further support students searching for information about college degree programs with a customized search tool.

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