Wednesday, 19 January 2011

School Districk Salaries

6 Ways That School Districts May Use Special Education Funds
Are you the parent of a child with autism receiving special education services? Are their services that your child needs but your school district is refusing to provide? Principle 1: Spend funds quickly to save and create jobs. Principle 2: Improve student achievement through school improvement and reform. Principle 4: Invest one time ARRA funds thoughtfully to minimize the funding cliff.
6 Suggestions for use of special education ARRA funds are:
1. Teacher salaries and salaries for other trained educators. Many school districts are continuing to use outdated curriculums that are not proven to help children learn reading and math.
Once a school district purchases the curriculum and trains their teachers the benefits will continue for years to come.
4. Provide intensive district wide professional training for regular and special education teachers, that focuses on research based curriculums and strategies in the areas of reading, math, writing, and science.
5. Provide intensive district wide professional development in the area of positive behavioral supports and plans to improve outcomes for children with disabilities. School wide use of positive behavioral supports and plans will benefit all children not just those with disabilities.
6. Hire transition coordinators to work with employers in the community to develop job placements and training for youths with disabilities. I hope that you will get involved with your school district and have input on how the money will be spent to benefit children with disabilities in your district!
The average school teachers salary in the US is under 45,000 a year, and with the new federal spending cuts, quite a few teacher salaries are on the decline.
If your teachers salary is being effected by today's economy, here are a few tips you can use to offset the decline in teacher pay.
#1- Write Articles for Online Magazines
Think of those things effecting your life, like teacher salaries, and put your feelings about this topic on an "ezine" site, (Internet term for Mag-ezine).
The ezine website will insert links in your article (usually blue text links you see in the article body). #2- Become an Affiliate Marketer online
Most affiliates are ezine authors and when they write about a topic related to the product or service they are promoting, they will post a link to that product or service in their articles and when a reader clicks on the link and purchases the product, the affiliate earns a commission.
Some affiliate programs offering e-books pay up to 75% commissions and is a great way to supplement a teachers salary.
When one buyer referred a friend, and that friend referred a friend, each of them earned a commission.
Stick with one of these type of marketing programs and you'll have no need to supplement a school teachers salary!


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