Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Home Schooling For Schooling

Home Schooling - Institutions At War

Home Schooling. Let's start off by saying that home schooling is not just for the rich and powerful. Anyone can be home schooled. Because today in the United States there are over 1.2 million students being home schooled. Yes, home schooling does cost money but a child can be home schooled for as little as $1000 a year. So what about home schooling as far as it's benefits? Is there anything about home schooling that is bad?

Statistics show that students who are home schooled have better grades and actually learn more than students who go to public or private schools. Because the one truth that can't be argued is that home schooling is eating into public and private schools' pocket books.
The growth rate for home schooling has been rising about 15 to 25% per year of late. The number of home schooling students do present a threat to government schooling, as they are finding that you don't have to hire super qualified teachers to get a good education for your child. It is estimated that over $7 billion has been lost to public schools because of the number of children who are being home schooled.

Home schooling families are also a very powerful force in government. When a bill was introduced that all home school instructors be certified the home school community made such a loud noise that the bill was defeated by a vote of 424-1 when it came up in the house.
In an attempt to battle back, defenders of the public school system are fighting with every legal resource at their disposal. In the next article we'll go over exactly how home schooling works and how students earn their diplomas.
Statistics show that elementary home schooling is the ideal time to start a home schooling program for a child. Children who enter home schooling during the elementary years are the students that tend to succeed the most. Throughout the course of their home schooling, these children will reach the highest level of academics when compared to the national average. Before considering a home school option, it is important to insure that the child’s current education is tested. There are many curriculums available for home schooling, and they can focus on the specific needs of the child. For many, this includes specific studies such as languages or Christian home schooling. It is important to take the time to choose the right home schooling package for you, and your child. There are disadvantages of home schooling that must be considered. Many parents feel that the purchase of home schooling materials is too expensive. In some cases, the local or state government will help fund the home schooling, though this is not so in all areas. Some feel that the home-schooled child is not getting the social experience that they need to learn to work with other children and to then use later in life. Further, home school parents may end up feeling that they are not educated enough to teach their child. Home schooling is an excellent bonding time for you and your child to share learning experiences together. The cons of home schooling do not outweigh the plusses. Elementary is the best time to get started with your child in the home schooling environment. There are a good many resources available to those who are considering home schooling. Making the choice of home schooling vs public schools is not one to be taken lightly and should never be a rash decision. For some of the best information you should contact the local home school association. Thanks to the recent surge in home schooling there is a plethora of home school association places that will be more than happy to guide you through the steps that it takes for you to home school your children. This also works as a support group for both the parents and children as the home school concept is quite a change for many of the people that are involved. You should take advantage of all that a home school organization has to offer.

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