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Student Support For Jobs For High School Students

Colleges Support Students Through Student Services

There are two important factors affecting community colleges today. Although student services have become significant areas of community colleges today, it wasn't until the 1970's, when college enrollment dropped that schools began to really examine these services. In the beginning, student services served as a method in which colleges could regulate student activities. As time evolved, student services became a support system for students to meet their educational objectives.

There are six areas that student services play a role: recruitment/retention, counseling/guidance, orientation, extra curricular activities, financial aid, and articulation. This placed pressure on community colleges.
Soon, colleges started working with neighboring high schools to encourage students to enroll. Some campuses began offering college level courses for high school students and passing out information on assessment testing. Catalogs were created and distributed to promote community college.

At the same time, institutions started looking for new students. These new students came from underrepresented groups or individuals from diverse backgrounds. The second area of student services has improved over time. The counseling and guidance section of student services works with students to strike a balance between academic abilities and student goals. Through career services, guidance, and counseling, students take an active part in their own educational growth and progression. Within this section, students with disabilities were also a focus. Studies show that these students were twice as likely to drop out of community college, compared to those without disabilities. This fact increased the need for opportunities to build self-esteem and study skills necessary for these students to succeed.
Student orientation is the third area of student services. Today, student orientation has become a crucial determining factor in the future success of a student. Guiding students through the transition from high school to community college is very important. Community colleges offer incoming students tours and classes to make this shift easier. Extra curricular activities are the fourth and least common area of student services. Students with strong leadership aspirations, usually attend universities. However, community colleges do recognize the benefit of preparing students for future leadership career roles. There are student government organizations and clubs available. This part of student services grows each year. Most students attending community colleges benefit from financial aid. Shifts in aid result in fluctuation in college enrollment. With the percentage of community college students with full time jobs increasing, each year the need for financial aid resources at the college multiplies.
Articulation or the moving of students from one point to another is the sixth area of student services. Community colleges work with universities to match curriculum and course work. Students sometimes start in the university and then transfer to the community college or students might complete a degree at one school and then move to the other to earn another certification or degree. With today's complex world, community colleges and universities must work together on articulation.
When potential students choose a college, researching the types of student services available at the campus is significant.
Environmental Beauty
Current campus of the college was completed in 1964. A couple of notable additions to the campus are the student services center and performing arts center. For students having 3.25 GPA or higher, Phi Theta Kappa, the national honor society has a branch in the college campus.
Barstow Community College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges that is a division of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
Programs Offered
Associate degrees in humanities, social science, and natural science are offered by the college. However the highlight of the college is its online classes and services programs. Admission
Any person 18 or older, whom the college thinks eligible, can attend classes.
Student Services
Barstow Community College offers four distinct services for students, namely, library, computer commons, instructional media services, and tutoring center. Tutoring service is free for all students and open 9-5 on Monday through Thursday. Online Math and English tutoring and free homework help for small children of students in the age group of 6-12. Financial Aids
Barstow Community College offers standard federal, state, local, and institutional grants and loans.
Personal qualities that support academic success
Students who have the following personal qualities are much more likely to thrive in college.
Self-awareness and self-acceptance
Skill in setting short and long-range goals
Use of effective support systems
Understanding a student's rights in college
Students will need to inform the college of their educational needs by registering with the office on campus that is in charge of reviewing and granting accommodations. This office goes by names such as Disabled Student Support Services or Office of Special Services.
Typical "reasonable accommodations" that colleges may decide to grant include:
Extra time to take tests
Test read orally to the student and/or the student's answers transcribed or typed
Tutoring services (some colleges have tutoring geared for students with special needs, however, most colleges have tutoring available to all students-check both sources)
Taking a reduced class load
Action steps a student should take to build a solid college support network:
Get professional, trained help when you need it: tutors, doctors, etc.
Self-advocacy steps
Successful students understand themselves well. Seek out stabilizing forces (people, classes, work experiences, living arrangements, etc.)
Study Skills
Students who master study skills and use their strengths to learn succeed in college. Don't let spontaneity ruin your completion of college
Work with classmates who are strong students and stay on track.

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