Friday, 25 February 2011

Cyber School

What You Need to Know About a Cyber High School

You've no doubt heard all kinds of stories about Cyber High Schools - that it isn't school, your child won't learn, there's no social interaction, etc. Cyber High Schools are growing in popularity but because all states are handling this virtual education differently, there isn't a clear description of how cyber high school is handled and delivered. The commonalities in all the programs are that in most cases, the school district will give you a computer and pay for your internet connection for that school year and your curriculum is paid for by your home district. So, your child is going to school at home and online. Here's where the questions come in because most can't understand how a child can learn without a physical teacher at the blackboard. Here is a list of the most asked questions that may help you decide whether online school will work for your student.

Middle Schools

Simplifying Middle Schooling in Australia
Over the years many issues have been debated in regards to their impact on student learning and engagement in the middle years. (Beane, 1996, p.48)
Instead of speaking in terms of curriculum development or organizational structure, Beane addresses directly the rights and needs of young adolescents. It comes as no surprise therefore that we experience significant disengagement from schooling by young adolescents. Imagine the average class of year nine boys and you will generally not be imagining students who are excited about learning, motivated about their assessment and involved in school decision making.

Play School

Parents Are Waiting For Play Schools' Online Presence
The same case applies for the schools, colleges and other educational bodies. By a simple online presence, the schools detailed information can be easily collected by the parents. Not just senior schools but play schools must also take steps in the direction of online world. There are so many plays schools in Delhi which have their own school website just to ensure that every parent get to know about their school online.
There are many schools in Delhi only which do not have their school website but have registered themselves in one of the numerous web portals. These portals provide schools to upload their school detailed information, which parents can access when they search for the school online. T

After School Programs

Washington DC Schools Improves Its After-School Program
The Wallace Foundation Invests $8 Million in Washington DC Schools
Washington DC Schools after schools and out of school programs are getting a boost from the nonprofit DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation and The Wallace Foundation. The DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation is responsible for giving funds to community organizations for out-of-school time programs, youth entrepreneurship programs, and early childhood development programs and parent centers. The DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation has recently received the promise of $8 million from The Wallace Foundation for Washington DC Schools after school programs.

Welding School

Finding a Good Welding School to Learn Welding
When you are looking for a good welding school to learn welding it will be important for you to think about several issues before you go. Finding a good welding school to learn welding will be determined by the type of welding you want to do in the end. Do you want to work on specific projects that are small ones or large ones? Are you interested in doing underwater welding? At a trade or vocational school you will learn the trade of welding and everything you do will be geared towards learning the trade.
You could go to a college or university as suggested, or you can find one of the many welding schools; the third option is that you can go directly to the trade union for welders and apply for an apprenticeship. Always visit the school though before you decide on finding a good school to learn welding.
Have you been shopping welding schools?