Monday, 21 February 2011

Educational Resources

Children Online Educational Resources
There are many websites that publish educational articles for your children as well as articles for parents about children education. You should really encourage your children to visit educational websites, point them to websites that publish educational games, stories, children songs, etc. Educational websites for children put a lot of importance on games. They encourage children to play. for example is such a website. It has well defined areas: children, educators, parents. Everybody can learn something.
Also has great resources for mums. Also you can find great resources for children with special needs, such a website is where parents can find a lot of information and resources that ease their way to the heart and mind of their children.

Just search Google for some words like educational resources for kids or children education, there are a lot of great resources to study.
Read children forums, school websites, etc. Are you looking for online science education resources to support teaching K-12 science? There are many resources on the internet and it is difficult for teachers to find the time to surf the web looking for online resources. The best option is to visit a one-stop resource for K-12 science educators' that is an online directory of resources designed for science education. Inquiry Based Teaching and Learning
Like other web resources it takes time to surf the web and find them. What is needed is a directory of science inquiry based resources categorized into topics that support K-12 science teaching and learning. Directory resources that are most valuable to K-12 science educators include lesson plans, assessment guides, curriculum guides, standards guidelines, search engines for science, and more. Also there is a need for online resources that support all science content areas.
Teaching Science using Technology
There are many types of technology strategies for teaching K-12 science. These include the use of web resources, online simulators, WebQuests, real-time data bases, online interactive websites, and many more options. Additional Resources
Other K-12 online science education resources needed by teachers and parents include access to journals, current science news topics, and online science teaching research books. Also, that the technology based resources on the website meets national technology and science standards.
What is needed is an online science education resource website that is specifically designed for K-12 science educators and home schooling parents.


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