Monday, 7 February 2011

Elementary School Teacher Salaries

Elementary School Teacher Salaries Down To Track Experience
By defining a solid base as starting ground, children develop a good foundation in education which stretches from their first day in school into the tertiary levels. Through time, these elementary school teacher salaries increase in proportion to years of experiences in molding and grooming young generations of today into leaders of tomorrow.
Teachers who pursue a higher level of academicqualifications have a better chance at reaping better rewards. Opportunities may also open up for career advancement into higher positions such as school principals. One may also choose to embark on a career move from the teaching industry to building a solid foundation in education by spearheading policies at state or federal levels.
Elementary school teachers perform an important job in public and private educational institutions and work with individual students to guide and direct attitudes and practices aimed at success. They teach and facilitate the learning of children ranging in age from four to 12 years in Kindergarten to Grade 6.These days many elementary school teachers work with school administrators and aid in preparing the study plans appropriate to elementary classes andindividuals.
In general, elementary school teachers: 
provide a learning environment in which each child can experience growth and develop to potential
We can say that elementary school teaching is a physically and emotionally demanding occupation that requires a high level of energy. The average salary of an elementary teacher in the United States is at around USD 47,000 p.a. The elementary teacher salaries in the United States vary widely depending on location. The reason is that a teacher salary reflects the cost of living in an area as well as job and school description. Adding to this, the next thing to keep in mind is elementary school teachers even receive over 12 weeks of vacation per year on average. Significantly elementary school teachers who choose to teach at summer school or take up other jobs in the school system during the summer can increase their annual salary.
The future prospects for elementary teachers are good. The ratio of additional jobs has increased for teachers who leave teaching jobs in poor, urban schools after a couple of years. Besides this, the shortage in qualified elementary teachers in subject areas like mathematics, science and bilingual education is also going to increase. Thus, with the increase in jobopportunities, more involvement of teachers in school policy, we can expect a big increase in the salary range of elementary school teacher in the United States.
No better can this be said than one whose calling is as an elementary school teacher. Average salary, many a time, does not measure up to the energy one puts into the job. Many teachers kick off their maiden voyage into the world of teaching with a class of young children. As class after class of students pass through the tutelage, the experience gained also shapes one towards a more proficient elementary school teacher. Average salary, on the whole, increases to commensurate with time and effort spent.


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