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Teacher Assistant

Teacher's Assistant Jobs - Are You Interested in Becoming a Teacher Assistant?
Teacher assistants will provide instruction and other support for classroom teachers, which will allow a professional instructor to have more time to plan lessons and to teach. These educational professionals will help supervise students on field trips, the schoolyard, the cafeteria, and hallways, and they may record grades and prepare materials for a more experienced educational professional.
Some teachers assistants will perform clerical tasks, with many performing a combination of instructional and support duties. At the high school or middle school level, a teaching assistant will usually help a teacher prepare special projects or prepare equipment for a demonstration.
Besides helping to supervise and instruct a student, assistants will help grade papers, check homework, type, keep attendance records, and operate audiovisual equipment.
The vast majority of teaching assistants will work in primary and secondary education, with some working in preschools and child care. The working conditions of these instructors will involve a fairly stressful environment with forty percent of these individuals working part time. Most teachers assistants will work 40 hours a week, and their work can be very rewarding, especially if one likes working with children.
In 2006, teaching aides had about 1.3 million jobs in America, with 75% working for public and private schools, and the remaining 25% being employed by childcare centers and religious groups. Those teaching aides who are bilingual will have the best opportunities.
In 2006, the middle 50th percentile of teacher assistants made between $16,430 and $26,160. Let's discover some interesting things about the teacher's assistant so we can gain a better understanding of their roles in facilitating education in school.
Almost half of all teachers aide in the US work on a part time basis. Some enjoy the respect and recognition given by society by becoming teacher's aide.
Fact#2: Minimal Education
It is worth noting that you don't need a four year college degree to begin work as a teachers aide. Fact#4: Second Jobs
Most of the teachers aide in the US hold regular 9-5 jobs apart from becoming a part-time aide. Fact#5: Personal Rewards
A teacher's aide, sometimes referred to as teacher assistants or instructional aides, provides teaching and general clerical support for the teacher in the classroom, allowing them more time or teaching, lesson planning, and other activities. Some teachers aides will also help prepare the class materials being used for instruction.
Teachers aides are also being utilized more and more with Special Education, or special-ed students. And with greater integration in the classroom, teacher assistants are increasingly relied on in assisting students who have disabilities. A teacher assistant can find themselves working in a wide range and variety of workplaces including day care facilities and child care centers, community centers, religious schools, and preschools. The majority of them however work primarily in the elementary school, middle school, and secondary school classrooms.
Many teachers aides fulfill these positions in a part-time capacity, working during the school day and following the district's regular nine or 10 month school year. In many situations, the only requirement to become a teacher's aide is a high school diploma, with additional training coming from hands-on activity. To be an effective teacher's aide, you should of course enjoy working with children.


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