Monday, 7 February 2011

Music Teacher Jobs

Music Teacher Jobs - Is There a Better Alternative?
You have to build a business. Many people might just push the back button but if you simply stick with me, you will find the idea wildly profitable!
Heck, it could even be music for beginners.
Next step depends on you. Now, if you decide to build a blog then, you need to know which products would complement your blog the best.
For example, if you build a blog on guitar training lesson, you can actually have a link to an affiliate program for online guitar shop. Yes, people would willingly pay you for advertisements if you have a good reading group. Great content. I've overheard teenage musicians mention casually they are considering teaching music to make extra money. My response: maniacal laughter.
Teens, let us hear the wise old violin teacher preaching a holy sermon from atop a glorious mountain of experience: Teaching music isn't a luxurious life of sleeping in late, illuminating the unquestioning minds of flocking prodigies through 30-minute jam sessions and writing off all your music gear and fast food meals come tax time. Sounds easy, except that the most trying aspect of customer service is, oddly enough, the customer.
Even the ideal customer, who listens closely, asks exactly the right questions and retains everything they have ever been taught, cannot master music in an afternoon. There are more styles to teach violin than there are ways to cook an egg. A teacher has to weed through the dogmatic hype and come out with a cohesive teaching concept that jives with their own approach to playing and learning. After carefully formulating a perfect lesson plan, the teacher will then scrap it all and reinvent their method when it inevitably doesn't fit the student's learning style.
A good teacher is not locked into one method or way of explaining ideas. Repetition. Repetition. With experience, lessons have developed their own rhythm and my teaching days swoop past me.
I knew a guy in high school who whacked his violin students on the head with his bow whenever he, the teacher, became frustrated.
A teacher cannot crack when the student plays the wrong note for the hundredth time, so impatient musicians must carefully consider their suitability as teachers. “Penny whistle teacher needed: Psychopaths with Intermittent Explosive Disorder need not apply.”
Last I heard he's still teaching at the music store, but has invested in a heavy carbon bow and a cocktail of barbiturates.
Selecting a method book to use is one thing, but the teacher needs to develop a mission statement and their goals in teaching.
My goals include “music as a life experience” and sharing my love for violin among friends. I urge all musicians who plan to make their music more than a hobby to take business classes on marketing and promotion, finances and taxes, and business plans. For more guidance I suggest the book “Making Money Teaching Music” by David and Barbara Newsam, available for a free read through the Okanagan Library system.
It seems to be an oxymoron, but it is possible to make money teaching music! Whether you're looking for math teacher jobs, music teacher jobs, English teacher jobs -- in fact any kind of teaching job -- you'll have some idea of how you like to teach and what works best, in your experience.
If you want to make a go of an teaching job that depends on online delivery, you'll need to plan accordingly, bearing in mind how the teaching medium and how different subjects make different demands on teachers and students alike.
Online Teaching Jobs: Some Basics
There are some fundamentals for being effective in an online teaching job. If you want an online teaching job you need a degree of computer literacy as well as teaching skills. If you work through a tutoring site, ideally they will provide software and some technical support. You will need to adapt your teaching style in an online teaching job. In face-to-face teaching it's relatively easy to connect with students. Online teaching jobs often require you to make more effort to build that rapport. Webcams and video links enhance your communication. This can be especially important if your teaching job includes providing special needs education.
Online teaching jobs potentially allow you to reach students anywhere in the world. Consider how your preferred teaching methods translate cross-culturally. Decide what category of student suits you when designing your own teaching job. If you feel most comfortable teaching a particular curriculum, or prefer first-language English speakers only, make sure you choose students who are right for you.
Special Considerations For Teaching Jobs in Different Subjects
Whether you plan to specialize in math teacher jobs or music teacher jobs, you'll need to explore the possibilities carefully. For some online teaching jobs you might manage with audio and email. Some teacher jobs, and subjects with a practical component, may demand more reliance on video.
Language teaching jobs, IT education, history, business education and a host of other subjects where words and ideas are paramount typically require less video interaction, but video is still a useful tool that you shouldn't neglect just because you can get by without it.
Math teaching jobs, science education and music teaching jobs may require you to become well-versed in using video links.


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