Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Salary For Teacher Assistant

Extra Money For Teachers - More Than a Summer Job

Finding opportunities to make extra money for teachers is vital for many.
There are many ways, including the obvious tutoring position, for teachers to make extra money. It is even more important these days, with cities and towns being forced to cut budgets, which means cutting teachers jobs. Laid off teachers can find many jobs that allow them to teach until that full-time position becomes available. There's no need to take a job at a fast-food restaurant for minimum wage with the kind ofexpertise most teachers possess.
If you have a teaching certificate, you can substitute teach nearly any subject, any where. The pay, compared to what a full-time teacher makes, is low, but it is a good way for young teachers to get their foot in the door and build relationships within a school district.
Substitute teachers get paid a per diem rate that ranges from $50 per day to $100 per day, depending on the district and classroom level. Many school districts have automated systems in which a teacher can check for jobs daily, selecting the jobs when and where they want.

Of course, for those with and without full-time teacher positions, tutoring is a wonderful opportunity to make extra cash. If you are a qualified teacher you can either place your own ad or answer one of the many listed in classifieds. Free classified ad sites, such as Craiglist.org, are a great place to find tutoring jobs. Private tutoring schools, such as Sylvan, are another way for teachers to supplement their income. Sylvan, for example, offers on-line tutoring positions for certified teachers. Accepted teachers can work day, evening or even weekend hours and receive $10 per hour. Coaching, while not for everyone, is another way for teachers to make a little extra cash. Teachers often have summers off, which gives teachers a unique opportunity to take a seasonal job. Many school districts offer special summer programs in which teachers can develop their own curriculum and teach almost any subject, and teachers are always needed for summer school classes. Teachers also get paid once in a month. In the fiscal crisis, Loans for teachers are particularly planned to assist teachers in their everyday expenses.
The best thing about these loans is that the lender never asks to show credit report. This credit facility for teachers is totally free from the credit check formality.
Flexible loans are small credit facility that is approved at the basis of the next payday. Due to insufficient salary, it is no wonder that part time work for teachers is readily sought after. On the down side however, being a teacher is a full time job. Is there really a part time work for teachers? Thanks to technology, there are already home-based part time works for everybody. 1. Home-based teaching. There are a handful of trusted web sites that cater to teachers like TutorVista and TeacherJobs. 2. Home-based virtual assistant. With the advent of technology, home-based part time work for teachers is now trouble-free. There are companies in foreign countries that need assistants. The work mainly consists of writing jobs, setting up appointments and researching on things in the Internet.
3. Home-based encoder or transcriptionists. This is another part time job any teacher can venture into. The jobs stated above are just the top three among the available work that any teacher can apply for. There are many online job sites that are trusted and offer assurance to any job seekers out there. Part time work for teachers are available in a multitude of places; you only need to be resourceful enough to look for that sought after second job.


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