Monday, 7 February 2011

Teachers Aide

Becoming a Teachers Aide
A teacher's aide, sometimes referred to as teacher assistants or instructional aides, provides teaching and general clerical support for the teacher in the classroom, allowing them more time or teaching, lesson planning, and other activities. Their role is to assist children in learning and support them in using the class materials, following lesson plans, and offering increased individualized attention. Some teachers aides will also help prepare the class materials being used for instruction.
Teachers aides are also being utilized more and more with Special Education, or special-ed students. And with greater integration in the classroom, teacher assistants are increasingly relied on in assisting students who have disabilities. A teacher assistant can find themselves working in a wide range and variety of workplaces including day care facilities and child care centers, community centers, religious schools, and preschools. The majority of them however work primarily in the elementary school, middle school, and secondary school classrooms.

Many teachers aides fulfill these positions in a part-time capacity, working during the school day and following the district's regular nine or 10 month school year. In many situations, the only requirement to become a teacher's aide is a high school diploma, with additional training coming from hands-on activity. To be an effective teacher's aide, you should of course enjoy working with children. There are a number of ways in which you can look for teachers aide vacancies. You can readily join a professional organization and go to events to network with teachers and school principals. Each state has different requirements for this job. Generally, you are required to have a high school degree. There are some schools primarily with students from low income families that have higher requirement for the teachers' aide applicants. Your work experience also matters when candidates for teachers' aides are evaluated. Your grades from high school and college are important, but you will definitely get the attention of the recruiters if you have done some tutoring for example.


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