Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Primary School Teacher Jobs

School Teacher Job Interview Questions
A school teacher's job is a perfect job. Even if you have the right qualifications for a teacher's job, you may not be well prepared for the interview. The school teacher's job interview is a bit complex and you can lose a nice opportunity if you are not prepared to answer all those weird questions by the school management.

-Describe a model classroom.
-What do you think students mean by a "fair teacher"?
Examples of some basic computer knowledge related questions:
It helps a lot if you are fully prepared for all those questions. Teaching is regarded to be one of the noblest professions and teachers are responsible for the early guidance of students and helping them to become able and responsible citizens of a country.
Teaching is a wide field and hence the job responsibilities of a teacher would depend on the class he is teaching, if he teaches in a school, college, special school, arts, dance, music etc. But wherever he may teach, the primary responsibility of the teacher is to pass on his knowledge to a student and help him in his academic life and career.
An assistant teacher's primary job is to assist the primary teacher. It may sound one-sided, but the truth is, an assistant teacher's job is pretty multi-faceted. An assistant teacher is expected to nurture relationships both with the primary teacher and the kids. The primary teacher and the assistant teacher will be working together. Although the assistant teacher takes directions from the supervising teacher, the assistant teacher's role is quite important because the primary teacher will find it difficult to work without assistance.
Since the primary teacher will have to pay attention to the lesson, the assistant teacher will be freer to pay attention to the students. This is one of the most important roles of an assistant teacher. It falls upon them to support children, especially those with special needs, since the primary teacher cannot possibly focus on one student alone. The age of the children in the class affects the mix of responsibilities of an assistant teacher.
In special classes such as art subjects, the assistant teacher is, of course, expected to help the students in the use of scissors, glue, and the like. Assistant teachers can be fully qualified and registered teachers. Teaching assistants are not qualified teachers. Teaching assistants are naturally guided by the primary teacher. The qualifications for teaching assistants are lesser. The good thing about being an assistant teacher is that they also have opportunities to advance in their teaching career. They have plenty of opportunities to attend seminars and workshops especially for assistant teachers.


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