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Social Worker Salary

Social Worker Salary
Working as a Social worker is basically a profession for those people who wish to improve the life of other people and make society a better place to live in. Individuals who work as social worker help other people by assisting them cope up with different issues of their lives, solve family or personal problem and deal with relationships in better manner.
In recent times the demand for social workers or staff has increased drastically and their role has become critical. Today they don't just assist clients suffering from disability or some fatal disease, like unemployment, inadequate housing, or substance abuse, but even help the families undergoing domestic conflicts, sometimes with child or spousal abuse.
In terms of pay scale, working as a social worker can help an individual earn a decent salary. Though the salary of social employees largely depends on the kind of work they do and the experience they hold. The median annual salary of a family, child, and school social staff in year 2006 was $37,480. The lowest 10% enjoyed salary around $24,480 or less and the top 10% earned above $62,530. The median salary in the industries that employ largest amount of family, child and school social staff is:
Secondary and elementary schools - $48,360
The Local government - $43,500
The State government - $39,000
Family and individual services - $32,680
Residential care facilities - $32,590
The median annual income of the public health and medical social workers in May 2006 was $43,040. Surgical and General medical hospitals - $48,420
Health care services - $44,470
Local government - $41,590
Nursing care facilities - $38,550
Family and individual services - $35,510
The median annual income of substance and mental health abuse social staff is $35,410. The median annual income in industries employing maximum number of substance and mental health abuse social staff is:
The Local government - $39,550
Substance abuse and Psychiatric hospitals -$39,240
Family and individual services - $34,920
Substance abuse and Mental health and Residential retardation facilities - $30,590
Substance abuse and mental health centers - $34,290
The median annual Income of all other social workers is $43,580. The Median annual Income in the industries with largest amount of social workers is:
The Local government - $46,330
The State government - $45,070
Family and Individual services - $35,150
The above mentioned statistics is an attempt to provide every individual with an overview of the different salary options that he or she can earn while working as a social worker.
Are you wondering what is involved being a social worker? In reality, most people don't understand that they already ARE social workers. For some, being a social worker brings to mind the Department of Social Services. Within this government entity is found the typical worker that handles child welfare, family services, food stamps and other emergency or non-emergency services.
Then you are a social worker.
Maybe you work in human resources assisting employees in sifting through their benefits paperwork-social worker. One particular opportunity that was found to have great significance was that of prison social worker. Within this role there are varying positions such as counselor to inmates and reintegration mentor. Almost all of the social workers, salary is a long time issue, but if you ask them they'll tell you that they're not in it for the money. According to some experts, social workers will continue to be allocated to a low income status which will devalue their work and shortchange their clients.
Based on the recent surveys, the salary of a social worker have been falling behind with the inflation, and salaries are still low even compared with female-dominated aiding jobs. Even the salaries of meter readers are higher than social laborers in the administration position!


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