Friday, 4 February 2011

School Teacher Pay

Teacher Pay - Fair and Balanced?
For many teachers out there, the topic of professional compensation is a hot item. The question is, "How do we make teacher pay fair and balanced, while insuring that we are not overcompensating the weak links in the chain?"
For those who have never taught, the notion of a day in the life of a teacher is sometimes greatly underestimated. At 7:30 AM the first bell rang and thence my day began, class to class, meeting to meeting, task to task.
Admittedly, I felt underpaid although I was not going to complain about it since I felt there were other rewards to the profession. Although it looked like I was working half a day compared to my former jobs, I was actually working 24/7. That teachers are underpaid is subject to debate. Certainly not all teachers are underpaid as many are under-performers, carrying out their duties with only perfunctory interest. Looking to increase your teacher pay? 
Every year schools budget to spend thousands of dollars on textbooks for students. In addition teachers in each department go to various workshops, often times paid for with board funding, where they spend money on classroom materials, ideas for lesson plans, various media and visuals so they can better appeal to different learners in the classroom.
Have you ever thought that these people are teachers just like you and I.  The only difference is they are capitalizing on their skills to increase their teacher pay.  I'm sure that you've had a time in your teaching career when you've thought that you could do a better job of presenting ideas than the textbook laid out, or that you could create better exercises and activities. Or have you already created activities for your students that worked great in the classroom.  I bet when you used them, you didn't your teacher pay.   Have you ever asked yourself why you did not make money on the top of your regular teacher pay for these additional efforts, or have you ever wanted to make money on the side of your teacher pay by creating educational materials.  Educational materials are a huge money maker online.  You can make money on the side of your teacher pay by simply sharing your knowledge.  Isn't this what we do as teachers everyday already?  
1)      Get advice from someone who has created educational materials before you. The marketing of your educational product Is the most important part!  The great thing about using the Internet as a marketing tool is that there are so many people to market to. My story as a teacher

1. The buying power of currency was eroding fast
2. We had started a part-time, home business in Jewelry and I had earned some pretty good money with this business
2. From my own experience I discovered that it is of utmost importance for teachers and principals to have a Plan B while we teach school. The school teacher job simply doesn't pay enough or is consummate with our education. I also advocate doing internet multi level marketing, which is mainly a home business and avoid scams like a plague. There is no residual income in a business, and the income stops when you stop working
While it is true that we teachers need vacations with our students, we find that teachers are scurrying to get temporary jobs for summer! MLM afforded this change with residual income that will help us through the working days when we can do MLM in a different fashion and a slower pace. The need to hunt for jobs for the next summer is eliminated. How much do teacher job fairs help?
Is it a joy or is it a chore to look for recruits and partners in network marketing or MLM? Consider the skills that teachers are possess.
Questions; The art of asking open ended questions to probe into the needs of people is absolutely necessary in MLM. And teachers are trained in this area by virtue of their job. Presentations: The skill of preparing the setting to speak to recruits for presentations is another need for success in any home business. Teachers are adequately trained in this area too.
Training Partners: Training those who come in as partners is a skill which has to be fine tuned. The step by step process involved where we gently enable our partners to acquire this needed skill is another extra that trained teachers already possess.
Keeping Records: Here is another skill that all teachers have. Filing them and keeping them available for instant use is a natural skill for every true teacher.
Relating to people and People Skills: Here are two more needs for a successful Network Marketer. Teachers use their people skills profusely in their everyday work as they deal with growing kids and teenagers of various types and with their parents too. Teachers help shape the world only next to parents. MLM helps prepare people to face the real world. Here is where teachers come in with these skills and gifts.
Now answer me, teachers. Noble Profession: Teaching is one the most noble of professions. In MLM you are paid for what you produce, not for time and energy spent unnecessarily. So if a teacher willing to do honest work for himself, then there is nothing better for a teacher.


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