Sunday, 30 January 2011

Becoming a Primary School Teacher

How to Become a Kindergarten Teacher
The process of how to become a kindergarten teacher is similar to the process of becoming any other type of elementary school teacher, and it isn't too much different from that of becoming a middle school or high school teacher. There is more of a focus on early childhood development, however, and less of a focus on a specific subject that high school math, science or English teachers would take. There are many career options for kindergarten teachers across the country because there will always be the next generation of youngsters waiting to learn their first lessons.

If you're interested in learning how to become a kindergarten teacher, the best way to find out would be to speak to a counselor at a local college. Even a community college counselor would be able to advise you on the first steps to take in the process, the degrees needed and where to begin. You will need to start by taking general education courses just like every other college student, which will include math, economics, science, history, political science, English, speech and other required courses. Then you will most likely begin taking education-based courses as you enter your last two years of your bachelor's degree program. These will include courses such as philosophy of education, psychology of learning and teaching methods, and you may also take some childhood development courses. Art, literature, music, physical science and social science classes will also prepare you for the job.
You must earn a bachelor's degree in order to become a kindergarten teacher, and then you must complete an approved teacher credentialing program and earn your license according to the requirements in your state. This will include an unpaid teaching assistant position that will earn college credit towards the completion of your training program. Once you begin working as a teacher you will have the option of working part time or full time, and you can expect to begin earning a salary in the $40,000 range with potential to earn a salary in the $60,000 range.
Talking to a kindergarten teacher in your area can also answer some of your questions about how to become a kindergarten teacher.


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