Saturday, 5 February 2011

Social Studies Lesson Plans

A Good Resource in Social Studies Lesson Mix
Quite frankly, even though computer software and the Internet can provide some very stimulating and motivating activities involving Social Studies, educational DVDs and videos provide a way to more closely control the visual images to which students are exposed. As they learn, students build concepts and understanding on top of the visual stimulation they receive. My Friend's Ideas for Technology-Centered Social Studies Lessons
o Current events and politics - webquests to examine current issues and their historical roots
o Earth Science - Geospatial sites (e.g., Google Earth)
o Economics - Stock market simulations using the Internet to show how quickly the market changes
Suggestions for Incorporating Educational DVDs under the Same Topics
o Geographical discovery and techniques - The Five Themes of Geography DVD - Students learn from their peers (other students) in the video as they learn about the five themes of geography and how geographers study the earth.

o Current events and politics - 8th Amendment: The Death Penalty - Students virtually travel to the execution capital of the world (Huntsville, TX) to learn about one of our most controversial political issues--the death penalty.
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Whether you plan on teaching social studies or you simply want to learn more about the subject during your free time, social studies lesson plans are an essential part of any classroom routine. Some teachers tend to object to social studies plans, claiming that they're much too structured and rigid to be able to teach creatively. Some school districts require that you present your studies plans to a committee. Once you've established your social studies plans, you'll be surprised at just how much more smoothly your classroom runs. Your students will notice the difference too. Some basic aspects to put in social studies lesson plans include textbooks, related educational movies, field trips, essays, classroom discussions, presentations, and more. A classroom mission statement can't hurt either. Social studies lesson plans are also useful for self teaching purposes as well. Have you ever wanted to learn about a certain time period or culture and never had the time to learn? By creating your own lesson plan, you will be able to make the time you need to study and learn. Learn more today!


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