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Social Science Lesson Plan

Teachers Lesson Plans
Often times one of the biggest challenges for new teachers is the creation of teachers lesson plans. It is estimated by educational experts, that for every hour a teacher spends teaching, they have to spend two hours creating the lesson plans. Many schools have set curricula which can be a help to new teachers. They are actually a predefined, established lesson plans that are already entirely spelled out for the teacher. Many services actually offer teacher lesson plans that have already been laid out and can be used, or at least partially utilized by the teacher. There are teacher lesson plans available for pretty much every subject including science, mathematics, English, social studies, and even art and music. These plans are available for every grade level as well, so the teacher that wishes to utilize them will have no problem finding one that is tailored to their needs.

Having some teacher lesson plans which you can adapt gives you a base to work off of, which is extremely helpful in your first few years of teaching. Having some professional and put and time tested techniques for teacher lesson plans can cut your work load in half, even if you are and product looks nothing like theirs.
Why Save The Trees?
Grades 6-9 SOL OBJECTIVES: LA 6.1,6.2,6.3d,6.5,6.6 MA 6.18,6.20,6.7,6.8,6.9
SCI 6.9, 6.1 a-k, 6.2d SS USII.5 a-d, USII.7, USII.8
To understand that trees are a valuable natural resource, and without their survival, technology and life as we know it can change drastically.
Until the fifth grade, most students understand that trees are a natural resource and that they supply us with everything from paper to the homes which we live. For the teacher it gives plenty of room to expand and direct the curriculum and instruction to higher level thinking skills and knowledge.
This lesson introduces the history of trees, not just the type of trees. Students will be introduced to the "Tree Doctor" and learn what they can do to help save the trees. Planning Ahead
Your Online Web quest Sheet - QUESTO
Computers- bookmarked portal or pages
VCR/DVD players, video and computer projectors
Software- Inspiration, National Geographic, WINDOWS on Science
o An Introduction to Trees
o Learning About The Past
o Appreciating Trees
Have students preview their QUESTO sheet. By using the computer lab and a main computer, show the students a tabbed version of the websites they will visit today. This web quest is intended to lead students to understand that our natural resources are more and more limited. Students will also be motivated to support the things we need to do to save the trees for a better future.
What do trees release into the atmosphere that humans need?
What do we know about tree growth and age?
o Students will understand how humans, animals, and the earth benefit from trees
o Students will learn about the history of the oldest living thing, and their future
o Students will work through team activities and web quest online and learn how to look for specific information.
Ask students to tell you how we benefit from trees.
As a class, between web pages, brainstorm things that will help keep healthier plants.
Have a poster board for words and definitions students may request information about.
Found at The age and size of trees around the world
This article will reveal the of age and size of trees around the world.
Found at - Types of organisms can kill trees
This article will give students a sense of what types of organisms can kill trees.
On the site you will find activities and information.
United Streaming Video online -Trees: The Biggest and Oldest Living Things
Found at
The Tree World. Students can use the dictionary to identify vocabulary words. Crossword puzzle-uses for trees. How to protect trees. website has a great article called:What Can We Do to Save Trees?
Found at
Excellent site for extended activities
Lab Project: Create a terrarium to grow and take home.
Students will present their data in their notebooks.
Students will be able to discuss the objective of the lesson and finish the K-W-L sheet
Students will make a terrarium and experiment with different soils/ document data.
Students may use any resources to complete the sheet.
There is a saying: "Ancestors plant trees so that their offspring can have shade."
Math: Measure the age of a tree by it's rings
Science: Visit a paper mill or newspaper plant
Social Science: Join and environmental club
USING THE NEWSPAPER- Current articles/events about trees
Additional Resources
The Wonderful World of Trees on the website
The National Arbor Day Foundation: Benefits of Trees at
USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory found at website
American Forest & Paper Association: Pulp & Paper, Fun Facts
How Trees Work for Us at
The History of Maple Syrup in America
Young people adapt well to change. Biological control
Dense shrubs and stands of small trees of normally unmerchantable species.
Compost (noun)
Cut with soil and regeneration protection
Harvesting carried out taking specific measures to prevent damage to young trees and to the soil.
Domestic waste
Forest ecology
The maple, lilac, and oak are examples of hardwood trees
A substance used to fight against harmful animals or plants.
Trees begin to grow again.
Selection method
Tree breeding
Preschool Lesson Plans are a great idea for any preschool educator or homeschooler of a preschooler. The preschool years are a vital time of learning.
After age 6 it is harder. Preschool art? You could also incorporate science lessons using dinosaurs. If you had a theme of dinosaurs that cover all subjects I know many a little boy that would LOVE to learn all about them in various subjects.
So as you can see, there are many ideas on preschool lesson plans and I find that without lesson plans we can't ensure the children are getting a variety of subjects in all areas.


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