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Classroom Management

Effective Classroom Management
I often have teachers ask me what is the best approach to classroom management?
As a veteran teacher I have seen far too many teachers fail because of classroom management problems. (Remember, classroom management and student achievement are directly related.)
And, all too often I see teachers resort to all types of crazy classroom management plans trying to get a handle on student behavior.
Unfortunately, many of these classroom management plans involve elaborate systems of rewards and punishment. For example, writing students names on the board with check marks added next to the name for each inappropriate behavior.
Likewise, rewarding students for behavior that is expected of them sends the absolutely wrong message. Teachers should not reward a student for acting appropriately in class. Rewarding appropriate behavior is not effective classroom management, it is bribery and the students will come to expect it. No, the student should behave in class because that is what's expected. Easy, the key to classroom management is keeping students actively involved in the entire lesson. Here are five effective classroom management tips you can use in any classroom regardless of subject or content area. These classroom management tips will keep all students actively involved in all classroom lessons. (Remember, keeping students involved in the lesson is the most effective classroom management plan.)
1. All-Write: Instead of having students raise their hand to respond to a question aloud, have all the students write down an answer to the teacher's question. Not only will the teacher get much more class participation, but the quality of student responses will also improve.
2. Pair/Share: Have students pair up with a partner and share their answers before discussing it as a class. This gives the students a chance to respond without the anxiety of speaking in front of the entire class and also allows the teacher to "monitor" the room and talk to various students about their responses. 3. On-the-Clock: Give students specific time limits to complete tasks and make sure you stick to those time limits. By putting students "on-the-clock" the teacher helps the students stay focused. 4. Check-for-Understanding: Not understanding the teacher's directions is a major cause of classroom management issues and student behavior problems. Therefore, no matter what set of directions a teacher gives, the teacher should always "check-for-understanding" by simply asking a couple of students (at random) to repeat the directions back to the class.
5. Do Now: Effective classroom management starts from the second students walk into the classroom. Remember, effective classroom management is not about rewards and punishments. Effective classroom management is about the teacher keeping the students actively involved in the entire lesson. By practicing the teaching strategies above, teachers will greatly reduce classroom management problems.
Classroom management that works is the holy grail for many tired, and stressed out teachers. So how exactly do you go about finding an effective classroom management plan that actually works to reduce inappropriate student behavior?
Well, there is no one size fits all classroom management solution. All teachers are unique, with differing personalities and teaching styles, and so each teacher needs a different classroom management plan. However, even though each teacher needs a different solution to help reduce inappropriate student behavior, there are some core ideas that every teacher can implement in the classroom to help them find classroom management skills that works for them.
If you want to enjoy a peaceful classroom environment, then you must be consistent. If you are not, you will quickly lose the respect of the students that your teach, and the classroom management in your classroom will deteriorate fast.
2. Be positive
If you are looking for classroom management that works, then being positive is a core skill. Approach each lesson in positive frame of mind and expect the best from the students that you teach. Walk into the classroom fearing the worst, and acting negative towards the students that you teach, and they will act negative towards you. And that's not a recipe for effective classroom management that works.
The teachers with the most effective classroom management skills are the teachers who proactively deal with classroom management problems before they occur. Classroom management problems prevention is much better than cure.
If you're looking for classroom management that works, then there isn't a one size fits all solution. But if you follow the three top effective classroom management tips above, then you will experience an improvement in the behavior of the students that you teach.
If you are an ESL teacher who is having problems with classroom management, there are ways of taking back control and maintain order in your classroom again. First you need to assess why you're having ESL classroom management issues.
Are the children bored? If you don't step up and take control the children most certainly will. There's a fine line between being friendly and kind and letting the children take control of the classroom. The first key to ESL classroom management is your attitude toward the students. Students who respect and love their teacher will be more apt to behave in the classroom. ESL Classroom Management Rule #1 - Are you trying to be hip and cool?
In class behave as a role-model for ideal classroom behaviour. If you cannot control your temper, why should they?
ESL Classroom Management Rule #2 - Are you predictable?
If rules change on a day to day basis the students don't know what to expect and cannot trust you.
ESL Classroom Management Rule #3 - Are you trustworthy?
Never belittle your students. Avoid losing control and yelling. Never call a student names, put them down, use sarcasm or embarrass them. ESL Classroom Management Rule #4 - Show them you care
ESL Classroom Management Rule #5 - Move around
Take the time during a writing assignment to walk through the desks and stop for a moment or two at each student's desk. ESL Classroom Management Rule #6 - Onwards and Upwards!
Generously hand out praise and encouragement! Reward good behavior. Having a student of the week will reinforce good behavior.
ESL Classroom Management Rule #7


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