Thursday, 3 February 2011

How Do I Become a Teacher

Become a Teacher - The Cyber Teacher

Computers, and the internet, are now part of every aspect of teaching. Virtually every classroom today has several computers with internet connections and educational software installed. Laptops and wireless internet connections are also becoming more and more common, so that students can access the internet from their own desks. The internet is a tool for both research and communication. Group work doesn't just have to be undertaken by a group sitting around a table, because students can now connect with people elsewhere using such groupware as wikis and Google groups, to share work, pool resources and share information. You the cyberteacher can also use the communication aspect of the internet to connect with students in their home, as well as their parents. No more will students be able to claim losing their assignment as an excuse for not doing it!
So you might have to provide classes for parents in computer use, and show them how to locate their child's assignments, grades, and teacher communications.

Most teachers first decided to become a teacher because of their love for children, and an enjoyment of being in their company as well as a desire to educate. This means that teachers are not motivated by career advancement or money, usually, but by other values and by inner passion, and this is why many teachers continue doing the same thing, for example teaching maths in sixth grade, and never move beyond that. Decorum in teaching means never losing sight of the appropriateness of the teacher-student relationship. Here are some of the guidelines for teacher behaviour in this regard:-
* Smiles and being supportive with regard to academic progress are acceptable, however statements about your feelings of affection towards a student or complimenting their looks are not.
* Teachers, especially male teachers in high and junior high school, should be careful of how they look at students. * Protect yourself by ensuring that you are not alone with any student, male or female.
Becoming a teacher is the most useful career that a young person can choose today. Teachers are needed to encourage those students in class who otherwise feel uninspired.
The youth today will build tomorrow, and are in need of teachers to motivate them, and encourage them reveal their full potential. I believe that the education a student receives shapes their careers and their contributions back to this country. Teachers are the basis of the future doctors who will save lives, political leaders to shape our country, scientists that cure diseases, and engineers to build our cities.
As a student, I have been very lucky to have worked with some of the greatest teachers who have had major impacts on my choices in life. My teacher of that class was the first person to really inspire me through his teachings. Learning dates and memorizing names was never as fun as the way he taught it, because he taught with true passion. I remember the students who usually sat in the back to blow spit bubbles were actually engaged in learning about Ancient Mesopotamia. I was amazed by the way he captured his students; the energy he felt was clearly evident through his teachings. This is what the future needs, teachers to excite students about anything and everything.
Unfortunately, many teachers do not get the salary they deserve. Consequently, there are not enough teachers to give youth the vital education they need to succeed.


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