Sunday, 30 January 2011

Career In Teaching

There's Never Been a Better Time to Pursue a Career in Teaching
What Makes Teaching So Special
Being a teacher means holding a position of responsibility and authority in society.
Teachers are the professionals that ready our children for a challenging world. Also, teaching is a career that will preserve your youth. How to Become a Teacher

Accredited online colleges are a great way to earn the basic and advanced degrees you need to follow your dream and become a teacher.
The Looming Teacher Shortage
School districts nationwide are providing a number of perks for qualified candidates who accept teaching positions. School boards see these signing benefits as a real opportunity to increase recruiting and teacher retention in their counties.

·  Student loan forgiveness for teachers in low-income neighborhoods
·  Leadership opportunities
Housing Subsidies
Housing subsidies, normally associated with international teaching opportunities, are becoming increasingly available for qualified teachers. Easier Qualification
Accredited online colleges allow potential teaching candidates to earn a bachelor's degree in less time than the traditional campus program and at a reduced cost.
·  Lower tuition
There are different institutions which offer teaching jobs. Maybe the biggest and most diverse employer are colleges and universities, either State or Private Institutions.
To apply for a teaching job at a university or a college, prospective teacher need to have at least a College degree and in many cases a teaching certificate. Most colleges and universities have job listings on their websites. These kind of institutions offer either contract positions or tenure positions. Tenure positions require high qualifications and are most of the time not available to unexperienced teaching personel.
Beginners are offered positions mostly for 1 year, if the candidate is qualified a possible tenure position can be offered but these positions are very rare.
Especially language schools are quite flexible when it comes to qualifications and experience of teachers. Of course a prospective teacher should always be prepared for his teaching job, as the work will be much easier and interesting if one is prepared.
Many organisation offer after school programs to Inner City Kids or teach adults which had no formal schooling. Most charity organization do not pay their teacher but offer free housing if they are situated overseas or a small compensation for gas and food. Working as a teacher, paid or unpaid, is not only a job, but always comes with responsibility, as the learners depend on the quality and knowledge of the teacher. There are several Job boards and Jobsites available on the internet that specialise in teaching jobs.
If we carefully look at the present circumstances of the teacher ratio in various states of the United States, California ranks at the top level. The California's teacher workforce is the largest in the country, with more than 300,000 public school teachers serving a student population of over 6 million. In fact, California is one of the few states in the United States where teaching is one of the fastest growing careers.
Rising student enrollment and an increase in the number of teachers retiring are few factors that have contributed to the growing demand for teachers. The state even offers several opportunities for teachers to find well-paying and satisfying jobs. In addition to this, the state even offers its teachers the highest salaries in the nation. The teaching salaries in this state have proven to be highly competitive with other professions requiring similar levels of education. The following breakdown may further illustrate the salaries range, a teacher can earn in this state:
Elementary teacher salary: $58,850
Middle school teacher salary: $60,820
Secondary teacher salary: $61,970
Special education teacher salary: $60,306
This career even offers some additional benefits that may come along with being a teacher in any California school. These days many universities have programs that make it easy for teachers to get additional training and certification and the state holds teacher quality as a big factor in the overall effectiveness of their educational system. California teachers enjoy special incentives including bonuses, mortgage assistance and tax breaks. If you are a teacher who likes the idea of year-round sunshine, consider a teacher career in California.


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