Saturday, 5 February 2011

Special Ed Teachers

Special Education Teacher Jobs - What You Need to Know When Interviewing!
The job of teaching has changed over the years. Teachers have more to do than just teach today. The training for teachers is ongoing throughout their career. This is especially true for special education teachers. Special Ed teachers are teachers, advocates, knowledgeable about various disabilities, experts at creating special education lessons and at writing IEPs (Individual Education Programs). Special education teacher jobs are in high demand because one other thing a special ed teacher needs is dedication to doing everything they can to aid their students in reaching their full potential.
You will be asked a number of questions during an interview for a special education teaching position. Show your expertise in special education lessons: Even though all teachers adjust lessons to their students' needs, special ed teachers are required to adapt lessons to suit various disabilities and students. This means you must be an expert at individualize lessons and instruction for each student you teach.
Special education teacher jobs are easier to get if you have the knowledge of disabilities such as speech disorders, autism, emotional disorders, physical and mental handicaps and other disabilities that are categorized in your school district.
If you are one of these teachers this article is to help you create a lesson plan for your students.
If you are a special education teacher you are probably having trouble creating a lesson plan for your students. A special education lesson plan is an educational technique or teaching method that is made specifically for students of any age group that have some disabilities.
Now, the lesson plans do vary depending on the student's disability, its extremeness and the student's age. Some of the topics a special education lesson plan covers are math, language, arts, science, music, computer and internet lessons, P.E., social studies, health, etc. Also, reading, writing and any public speaking should be encouraged by the special education teacher as it will help the students in the long run.
As long as you have a well thought out lesson plan you will be able to enhance the student's feelings and responses, the student's reasoning ability and reading skills, create a sense of fulfillment in the student, promote the student to communicate, help the student to achieve motor control and physical wellness, etc. Hence, it is most important for any special education teacher to thoroughly plan out a well thought lesson plan as this will enable and enhance the learning process of these special students.
Today, teaching is a highly noble profession in United States and attaining a degree in special education facilitates you enhance your teaching career. This special teaching program helps you learn special skills including understanding diversity or counseling. The median annual salary for special education teachers is $47,000. Elementary and Secondary Schools - $52,200
Child Day Care Services - $36,140
Educational Support Services - $49,880
In most schools, special education teachers can also enjoy extra pay for coaching sports and working with students in different extracurricular activities. Some teachers also receive extra income during the summer, working in the school system or in other jobs.
Certainly, special teacher's salaries can be highly regarded in the education industry. The number of special education teachers is also predicted to increase by 15 percent from 2006 to 2016, faster than the average for all occupations. The ratio of student enrolling in special teaching programs is increasing and in next few years the salary of special education teachers is also expected to boom further.


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