Saturday, 5 February 2011

School Teacher Salary

3 Easy Ways to Supplement a School Teachers Salary in 15 Minutes a Day
The average school teachers salary in the US is under 45,000 a year, and with the new federal spending cuts, quite a few teacher salaries are on the decline.
This leaves many in the field of academics asking how they could supplement a school teachers salary while maintaining the extra hours demanded of them for after school activities.
If your teachers salary is being effected by today's economy, here are a few tips you can use to offset the decline in teacher pay.
#1- Write Articles for Online Magazines
Think of those things effecting your life, like teacher salaries, and put your feelings about this topic on an "ezine" site, (Internet term for Mag-ezine).

The ezine website will insert links in your article (usually blue text links you see in the article body). #2- Become an Affiliate Marketer online
Some affiliate programs offering e-books pay up to 75% commissions and is a great way to supplement a teachers salary.
When one buyer referred a friend, and that friend referred a friend, each of them earned a commission.
Stick with one of these type of marketing programs and you'll have no need to supplement a school teachers salary!
Spanish educators are needed as more and more schools decide to begin teaching a foreign language as early as kindergarten. Foreign language, whether it is Spanish, French, or German, used to be limited to high school and college only. Spanish teacher salary varies depending on which level you teach at, whether it is a private or public school. High School Spanish teachers typically make the highest Spanish teacher salary, compared will all other levels of education. The elementary school level teacher earns on average about $39,000 per year. A college professor who teaches a foreign language makes about $48,000 a year, although a professor who teaches another subject usually makes more.
You can earn more if you work in an area where a bilingual teacher is needed. This type of position will earn a higher Spanish Teacher Salary.
The good news for Spanish teachers is teaching a foreign language is no longer limited to only high school and college levels.


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