Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Teachers Salary

Teacher Salaries by State - Finding a Good Beginning Teacher Salary
People might tell you to choose a teacher profession based on where you want to live, but have you thought at all about the possibilities of teacher salaries by state? The tax bracket is comparably much higher for teachers living off a Boston or even a New York City teacher salary, but in states such as Pennslyvannia or Ohio, the money you will receive for example for not paying Uncle Sam, might be the difference in splurging for a better apartment without roomates, or even saving for a new car.
Find online a good cost-of living claculator which will help you make a well-rounded decision based on comparing the cost of living and beginning teacher salaries by state.
Whether you are looking for a beginning college teacher salary, a private school teacher salary, public school salaries, a special education teacher salary, a preschool teacher salary,
a middle school teacher salary or any of the subject teaching salaries, this teacher salary guide will give you the information on teacher salaries by state including almost 300 plus cities all across the United States.
The local base salary range is only part of the information you can find when you personalize your quest. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Columbus are all examples of cities that have relatively low(er) standards of living and tax brackets making them affordable cities for a new teacher. Everybody knows that in conjunction with other professional jobs in the field, teachers make considerably much less than they should when taking into account the number of hours a beginning teacher puts into a new teacher job. Many teachers dedicated themselves in tutoring students to learn about this language in various parts of the world. In different locations and nations, teachers may get a low salary or a higher one. Here is the summary of the English teachers salaries 2010 around the world.
In the Europe region, English teachers salaries 2010 are Euro 800 to 1400 per month in Spain. While in Italy, the teacher earns around Euro 800 to 1100 every month. In Ireland it is Euro 1800 to 2300, in Germany it ranges from Euro 1500 to 2000 and in France, the pay is Euro 1500 to 2500 monthly. English teachers in England could gain 20,000 to 40,000 pounds per year. In Thailand, an English teacher could have a pay of 20,000 to 80,000 Baht per month. While in South Korea, the teacher salary ranges from 2,000,000 to 2,800,000 Won every month. The teachers salaries 2010 are different for the rest of the world. In Mexico, a teacher who tutors English may earn an income of 10,500 pesos monthly. In Australia, the salary is 39,000 to 59,000 dollars for the teachers.
Whatever the level of salary for an English teacher worldwide, you will sure gain great experience and benefits if you choose this profession. As an educator myself I would definitely affirm that me and my colleagues have low teacher salaries. If you are an educator complaining about your salary, and yet you still want to be a teacher, there are rooms for remedies. The main concern we have here is how to manage low teacher salaries. Solution #1: Set priorities. Solution #2: Budget wisely. It would be better to allocate your salary to the top priorities like bills and loans to pay. Paying your debts beforehand will definitely boost your financial standing.
Solution #3: Discipline. Once you are done allocating your pay to your top priorities, whatever is left must be saved. There is actually no need for any teacher to quit teaching and find another job so as to compensate for daily expenses. Regardless of your profession, if you don't know how to manage your pay, you will really consider your salary as not being sufficient. The best way to overcome low teacher salaries is to practice the long term solutions presented.


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