Monday, 7 February 2011

Study Tips

Study Tips

I have ADD/ADHD. I never was the best student. Yet, there were flashes of Brilliance, and from those few, I share my ADD studying tips and advice.
1. Study in the Morning.
2. Study Early (don’t procrastinate). It helps viewing the subject matter objectively (and you reduce anxiety). Understand your subject’s big picture.
3. Study for longer durations. It is horrid advice. When you break through and start rolling, don’t stop, let your mind absorb. Crank it up.
4. Brainstorm. What am I studying? Why? I visited the abyss too often. Make yourself confident, break it into sections (or one big section – if that’s your thing).
5. Have fun, if you’re in high school this is a bit harder (high school material is fairly generic). College students have more flexibility in their classes. If you lack this option, use your creativity and make it interesting and personal.

6. On occasion, crank up the intensity. Your mind can always transition higher. Push yourself further, you will learn to think differently and faster. As an ADD, ADHD individual, your strength lies in unpredictable ‘surges of focus’. Explore a bit.
Develop a plan with your doctor and the proper medical professionals.
Activity, move around, whatever it takes to feel confident, comfortable and stimulated.
Perfection is pointless, life would be boring. I make mistakes, you make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. Fresh, objective eyes are easy to come and tough to beat. Use your eyes.
Once there is a breach, unleash the flood gates.
7. Leverage your strengths. Do you fly solo, or buddy up? Is group studying constructive? When was the last time you picked some knowledge from your teacher’s/professor’s brain? The library, at home, your room? Find your niche, develop a consistent ADD, ADHD Study Strategy.
8. Stay focused. Anyone can choose the short-term over the long-term, and most choose the short-term. This is my arch nemesis… Break your habit.
9. Switch up your environment. A new atmosphere is stimulating, change libraries or rooms or computers or study buddies. Have a general routine, but be human – not robotic.
10. Think and study independently. Education and learning is a never ending process.
11. Enjoy yourself, connect the dots and learn. Our goal is learning, not memorizing



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