Sunday, 6 February 2011

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Teacher Pay Teachers - Use the Teachers Pay Teachers Website to Make Money From Your Lesson Ideas
Regardless of how many supplementary teaching materials we have created for our classes, we still only make our regular teacher pay. It is a site for teacher's to be able to not only share their lessons with other teachers and get new lesson ideas from other teachers; but, you can actually make money from the lessons, activities, ideas and educational materials that you post. This will not only give you ideas and exposure, but you will make money in addition to your teachers pay for submitting your materials.   
I would have a look on the site to see how much other teachers are charging for their educational materials and price yourself accordingly. But, with no fee to start up, it makes it a no-brainer to add our educational materials that we have already created to not only help other teachers out, but to make more than our regular teacherpay.   

All you have to do to get started with posting your educational materials is to register yourself as a teacher author, create a profile, and then post your educational materials. If you want to take it a step further, you can link people from your educational materials to a site you have created, where you can continue to offer products and information.    
Once you have posted your lessons to the teachers pay teachers site, you will be able to earn 85% of all sales that are made on your product. Not bad as a method to supplement your teacher pay. This is also a great introduction to creating your own information products that you can make money Online in addition to your teacher salary. So keep learning, post your materials, and boost your teacher pay. 
At first glance, the Teachers Pay Teachers website is a great hub for both checking out new lesson ideas, and posting your own activities to share with other teachers. If you have visited the site, you might have signed up as a teacher author and created your own profile so that you could start submitting your own lessons, activities and educational materials so you could begin to make money on activities that you already use in your teaching practice, to increase your teacher pay.
What I have found was that the Teachers Pay Teachers site, is a great way to get lesson ideas, because you can pick them up for free or for very cheap. This should be ringing some bells for you when it comes to deciding to supplement your teachers pay using this site. This, by default creates a chain reaction causing other teachers to do the same, thus creating a string of materials that are effectively underpriced. In addition the website Teachers Pay Teachers will only offer you 85% of each sale that is made on your account. The one advantage that the Teachers Pay Teachers site is that it is a hub for these materials which will bring many more teachers to check out your materials; however, if you learn a little bit about Online marketing, you can promote those same lesson plans, activities and information materials at a much higher cost, and not have to dish out 15% for selling it on this site. Educational materials whether they are sold as a lesson plan package or e-book, can make anywhere from 12 dollars to hundreds of dollars.
Don't forget to check out the link below as I offer a free report that outlines my experiences with online marketing in conjunction with teaching.
As most teachers will tell you, the recent drop in the economy has hit education hard. Unfortunately, because of the bad economy, many more teachers are looking for added sources of income. I am one of those teachers.
I've had my product all along.
A Master Teacher, as every teacher knows, is someone who serves as a trainer for college students who are entering the teaching field. They are called student teachers. What my student teacher needed was some basic tips and strategies that I had learned over the years. I could offer my expertise as a Master Teacher.
Now I'm trying to share what I've learned with every teacher I know. Some teachers have really been positive to the idea, but surprisingly, there are some teachers who just aren't interested. 1. Create a website - I know that many teachers out there don't know how to do this. There are many sites online that provide help for teachers in the creation of websites. 3. Add Affiliate and AdSense links to your site - Affiliate links and AdSense links are links that people who visit your site will see and click on to find more information on the subject they are reading about. With AdSense links, Google checks your site out and places related links to businesses on your site, and when someone clicks to find out more, you get paid. Affiliate links and AdSense links are one way to earn income, but it's not a lot. Check out number 4.
If you're into golf or horses or knitting or surfing, you can create a website using the same strategies you did for your teacher website, and make additional income from a topic that you are passionate about.
It's a work hard now, earn extra income later on. Why is this is such a great opportunity for teachers? The answer is because we teachers have a specific and unique skill that gives us an advantage when sharing information online. It's time to earn extra income. We all could use some extra income. Teachers, for all we do, we deserve to earn extra income.


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