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Texas Teacher Certification

Teacher Certification For College Students Or Graduates Seeking to Become Certified
Are you interested in pursuing a pre-service teaching program that will prepare you for the teaching certification process? Pre-service programs
The pre-service teacher certification track is most formally associated with teacher education programs offered by accredited universities and colleges. Meeting the requirements of teaching programs, to a large extent, involves formal instruction on the theories, coaching and mentoring on teaching practice, and evaluation of one's teaching. Usually pre-service teachers need to complete a certain number of general education courses (depending on their teaching field) and demonstrate successful teaching competency. Alternative teacher certification programs
the requirements of some alternative teacher certification programs are different than college education programs. Alternative teacher certification programs are also considered as pre-service teacher programs because they often offer a more condensed version of a college year-long program. They also meet teacher certification requirements.

Online program
an online teacher certificate program is slowly becoming recognized as an alternative form of teacher certification and more and more prospective teachers are choosing this route simply because of its cost and time factors. Texas is one state that offers a unique online format for becoming a certified teacher. The requirements for certification vary from state to state and from program to program.
In order to complete full certification however, prospective teachers may also need to demonstrate a satisfactory score on a state-approved certification assessment, usually known as the national teacher exam.
Pre-service teacher certification is a vastly complex procedure for any prospective teacher new to the certification process. Texas public school teachers are appraised yearly. Teachers should be appraised every year, unless the teacher has been appraised as proficient or better in every category on the most recent appraisal. The teacher appraisal cannot include evaluation of extracurricular duties, although there may be a separate appraisal document covering those duties.
The appraisal may be based on classroom observation, periodic walk-throughs, and written documentation. Either the teacher or the appraiser may request a pre- or post-observation conference. a written observation summary;
a written summative annual appraisal report;
and/or any other written appraisal document.
A teacher may request a second appraisal by a different appraiser after receiving:
a written observation summary with which the teacher disagrees; and/or
a written summative annual appraisal report with which the teacher disagrees.
If your district uses a locally developed appraisal processes, after receiving a written copy of the evaluation, a teacher is entitled to:
a second appraisal by a different appraiser; and
submit a written rebuttal for attachment to the evaluation.
Unsure of the procedures for teacher certification requirements in Texas? Teacher Certification Requirements in Texas
Like many other states, the first steps for achieving teacher certification in Texas is a college degree. Acquiring certification requires completing degree work in a specific subject, in addition to completing courses in a state teacher training program.
Most programs can match you with experienced teachers willing to mentor a prospective teacher.
Texas Certification Exams
The Application Process of Acquiring Teacher Certification in Texas
The State Board of Educator Certification website walks you through the process of attaining certification. Tips for Teachers Who Seek Certification
If you already possess an academic degree but have not completed an approved teacher training program, you can still become a certified teacher. The State Board website provides information on alternative methods of teacher certification in Texas.
The State Board website also explains the certification process for teachers who are certified from other states.


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