Friday, 25 February 2011

Welding School

Finding a Good Welding School to Learn Welding
When you are looking for a good welding school to learn welding it will be important for you to think about several issues before you go. Finding a good welding school to learn welding will be determined by the type of welding you want to do in the end. Do you want to work on specific projects that are small ones or large ones? Are you interested in doing underwater welding? At a trade or vocational school you will learn the trade of welding and everything you do will be geared towards learning the trade.
You could go to a college or university as suggested, or you can find one of the many welding schools; the third option is that you can go directly to the trade union for welders and apply for an apprenticeship. Always visit the school though before you decide on finding a good school to learn welding.
Have you been shopping welding schools?
Are you thinking about changing careers and becoming a certified welder? Attend a local community technical college
Enroll in one of the big 3 welding schools
Apply for an apprenticeship to one of the skilled trades unions
Lets explore these options: Attending welding school at a local community college can save a ton of money on room and board and tuition but unless you know for sure that the welding instructor is top notch, this might be the fast track to becoming a rod burner instead of a real welder. The criteria for becoming a welding instructor at a technical college is very weak, since a technical college welding instructor's pay is marginal, sometimes you get what you pay for. Enrolling in one of the big 3 welding schools is almost a sure fire way to learn what you need to become a well paid certified welder. The instructors are top notch and All of them: Hobart Institute of Welding, Lincoln Welding training, and Tulsa School of Welding, all have good reputations for turning out qualified welders. Unless you live down the street from Hobart, Lincoln, or Tulsa welding schools, you are going to have to travel and pay room and board for your time in welding school.
Here is a 4th option : Both Hobart and Lincoln welding schools have one and two week TIG welding programs.
  1. All welding schools are not created equal. Some welding schools strictly adhere to the curriculum mandated by the state university system or institution in charge. But some welding programs not only meet the minimum curriculum requirements, but are also able to offer advanced tig programs or pipe welding training programs. If a welding school does not offer advanced tig welding or pipe welding, it might be a sign to keep looking.  
2. All welding instructors are not created equal. A welding school is only as good as the instructors that teach there. Search websites that rate college teachers to see what students have to say about the welding instructor. Any welding instructor worth his salt will make an impression on some of the students. Your local community college or technical college is probably the cheapest and most convenient welding school you can attend. Hobart can cost as much as 14,000 dollars for the complete mac daddy welding course.
WEC offers a comprehensive welding program where the tuition is free in return for your agreement to work for 24 months as a welder at a reduced rate of around 18 dollars per hour.  


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