Monday, 28 February 2011

New School

New School Network Marketing - Does it Really Work?
Whether you are new to network marketing or have been around for a while, you have no doubt been led into one of two directions.
The "new school" strategies, vs the "old school" strategies.
Let's be realistic. Both network marketing strategies, have worked and continue to work for some people.
But like anything else in life, each school of thought comes with its unique advantages and disadvantages. Let's dissect the pros and cons of new school network marketing strategies and see if they can REALLY WORK FOR YOU.
What is New School Network Marketing?
New School MLM involves generating leads of your own, instead of buying them from a lead company or using your friends and family as your primary lead source.

New school methods also include using free reports such as e-books, to get prospects to "opt-in" to your mailing list. This opt in mailing list allows you to continuously market to your prospects by email over time.
Many new school marketers also earn a "front end" income through funded proposals, which are usually inexpensive informational products that are sold to "introduce" the prospect to network marketing or their business opportunity.
New school network marketers also use various internet options to market their businesses. Such options may include teleseminars and webinares, for conducting business opportunity presentations. As well as websites, autoresponders and pay-per-click advertising to generate leads and follow up with prospects.
Generally speaking, prospecting your warm market, cold calling and the other "old school" methods of building a network marketing business are frowned upon.
Pros of New School Network Marketing
1. An Endless Supply of Targeted Leads
Because new school methods encourage generating your own leads, you are unlikely to ever run out of people to talk to.
(Running out of prospects is a common concern when Networkers only use the warm market as a lead source.)
2. The Law of Attraction Works On Your Side
This point also goes back to generating your own leads. When you generate a lead, essentially that prospect is asking YOU for more information about what YOU offer.
This means that Networkers do not have to chase down their prospects and sell them on the idea of their business opportunity. This of course makes many new network marketers much more comfortable prospecting, because they don't feel like they are harassing anyone.
3. More Leverage To Free Up Your Time
One of the best advantages to using new school network marketing strategies is that many of your prospecting tasks can be automated. For instance, let's say your marketing system requires you to approach a prospect, invite them to get more information and give a business presentation.
Using old school methods this would mean, you call someone on the phone, (and maybe leave several messages before you talk), get to know them a bit, and if they qualify invite them to a presentation, then give a 30 to 45 minute presentation. And you would do this with each and every prospect.
This process could take many hours and sometimes with very little to show for it.
With technologies such as websites, autoresponders and webinars, you can take one or 300 prospects through this same process without even speaking with them personally.
Hence more free time for you to work on other things in your business.
Cons of New School Network Marketing
1. There is a HUGE learning curve for newbies to go through.
Not just learning to master the technologies themselves, but also how to apply them to the marketing mix can be a long and drawn out learning process.
After all, anyone can subscribe to an autoresponder or throw up a website, but if you don't understand HOW to make those tools effective, it's pretty much a waste of time and money
2. It has amplified the amount of HYPE in this industry.
Which means new and struggling networkers wind up falling for the latest push button system and ultimately get fed up with MLM.
How Do You Overcome The New School Method Learning Curve
The answer to that is SIMPLE although not easy.
You have to learn how to make those great automated systems to work for you.
The quickest way I have found around learning how to generate my own leads and convert them into customers is to follow the lead of someone who has done just that with loads of success.
So if you have an upline in your company who uses the internet and other new school methods to build their business, then give them a call and work one on one with them.
Another option is to check out the most popular e-books and e-courses available on the topic.


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