Wednesday, 26 January 2011

High School Travel

Gh Travel Agency Bookings - High School Senior Trip
September -December, high schools across the nation plan their senior trip. It can be the school that your teenager attends or even the high school you attended. Or just try the local school.
Senior class trips can have anywhere from 150-300 students.
It is recommended to work with the senior student advisor or senior student council president. Information Needed:
Destination: Where do the students want to go? Date range of trip: It is important to try and get a range of dates from your client. Some schools prefer to add the chaperones expenses in with the students.
Transportation: What type of transportation will the seniors use? Maybe there are school buses available.
It is not recommended to use the yellow school buses for trips longer than3-4 hours.
Make sure you find out the cancellation policy, room deposit due date and amount, final payment due date. It is also wise to up-sale a cruise for the high school seniors. Plus several cruise lines offer great group rates and commission.
Once the senior vacation package is selected, it
would be wise to draft up an information form with your company heading stating trip information such as cancellation policy and monthly payment due dates. I would recommend Pay Pal to handle this type of payment transaction. Pay Pal is very user friendly. If parents don't want to give out their credit card number, they can make a payment through Pay Pal.
For example, you can open a school account with Bank of America. Parents can come to deposit monthly deposits or the total amount if wanted.
The parents/students will receive a payment receipt for confirmation of payment.
Otherwise this task will be designated to the senior advisor or student council member, but will ultimately be your responsibility to make sure payments are deposited.
Hopefully the school will become a permanent client. When trying to close that high school senior trip you might want to offer a percentage of your profits to the senior prom, picnic, or other senior event.
You can add the chaperones charges into the students. This means High School Bands must get up early to get it done. Many times as daylight savings time sets in they are practicing before sunrise, in the dark. But with school budgets strapped they may find that the School District will not turn on the stadium lights for them to practice to become perfect. Additionally High School traveling and competing bands have huge budgets in excess of $65,000 per year.
School Buses use diesel fuel and those costs are now in excess of $3.15 per gallon. With hundreds of thousands of lights hooked up in a composite format it will light up the lights needed for these early morning or after school night time practices without the light pollution associated with streetlights, stadium lights or in large cities.
Let there be light, thru vibrational energy and there was.


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