Wednesday, 26 January 2011

High School Online

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking High School Online
High school online is seen by many as a fun and convenient option for teenagers and even older students to complete their secondary education. Higher education after all, is a crucial learning experience. Whether one is taking higher education online or in an actual physical school, this educational level sets the pace for the next few years of one's life in more ways than one.
According to the statistics provided by the Education Research Center, only 60% of all US students graduate successfully from the high schools within 4 years. In other words, each year approximately 1.2 million students fail to obtain such qualification. As the job market is getting more and more competitive.
Expectations for diploma holders are increasing among the employers.
According to the research done by the US Department of Commerce, it has found that those adults without a high school diploma are the lowest-earning demographic in American society. Their average annual income is around $20, 000 only. In general, most of the employers assume that people without the diploma qualification are not competent in handling tasks. The employers refuse to offer them job opportunities.
It is sorry to say that most high school dropouts are living in poverty. The employers' expectations are getting higher and higher. A degree qualification may become compulsory. How can you proceed to obtain your degree if you don't have a high school diploma? For people who do not complete their high school, they will not have the option to continue their studies in the universities. Not graduating from from high school does not have to be end of your life or your career. While you will need to go back to school, there are other options than being in a room with students half your age. One increasingly popular option for students is to go online. One reason that adults choose online high schools is because it is a faceless process. Even if you are at a school that requires students to work together on projects, it is all in your court how much you choose to share with other students.
Some online students, either high school or college, appreciate that facelessness because it allows them a certain amount of freedom. Unlike traditional high school, you do not worry about asking a silly question because no one knows you. The only worry is learning the material.
You should know that, for various reasons, not all online high schools allow or are permitted to allow adult students. Online high schools, like at, can help you succeed where you have had difficulty in the past. You can choose from high schools that provide a lot of support or a more "bare bones" approach. For many of us, high school is a dim memory, so you will want to ask how much support that a school offers. Some schools, like Laurel Springs School, offer a variety of support options based on your needs. No matter your age, there are people older than you that have gone back and earned their high school diploma.


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