Thursday, 27 January 2011

Gifted And Talented Resources

Keeping Up With Gifted and Talented Students by Using an Alternative to Traditional Education
Considering the fact that not all students learn and uptake information in the same way, teachers often face a serious challenge when it comes to finding methods and techniques that will promote and stimulate student learning. Of all the types of students that teachers work with on a regular basis, gifted and talented students often pose the greatest challenges.
Although it would appears that gifted and talented students would be a pleasure to educate because of their high intelligence, academic enthusiasm, and their general willingness to learn new things, most teachers often struggle to find appropriate and adequate work for them as a result of their high cognitive levels.
Most teachers often become frustrated with the education of gifted and talented students, especially if they do not receive any support from school officials and administrators.
For most gifted and talented students, their eventual fate is to sit in a class that does not properly educate or stimulate them. As a result, many gifted and talented students often find traditional public and private schools to be difficult places to learn, in particular because of the ill-prepared teachers who are charged with educating them.
Distance learning college prep is perhaps one of the best options for the education of gifted and talented students. Distance learning programs that specifically target or focus on gifted and talented students have more opportunities to work individually with these challenging students. For one thing, distance learning college prep programs for gifted students can focus all of their efforts on the needs of these students - especially in terms of pace and material taught. In addition to allowing gifted and talented students to work at their own pace, distance learning programs can also be individually tailored to the needs and requirements of each individual student. By being able to focus specifically on the academic needs of gifted and talented students, these distance learning programs can prove extremely effective in the area of college preparation.
Courses in a distance learning program that are targeted at gifted and talented students looking to attend college are by no means less demanding than courses at traditional schools. With a variety of resources available, distance learning college prep programs for gifted and talented students have the ability to cater specifically to these students by developing a course of study that will be designed around a student's individual needs, abilities, and learning styles.
You'll be impressed with yourself and inspired that you already have skills, gifts, talents and abilities. I worked with an award-winning football player who was transitioning to his next step in life - to be on television as a commentator. You can learn from this, for yourself or people you inspire - that you already have skills, gifts, procedures, talents that you can apply to something new. When talking about self-directed learning and developing your talents, many people ask me how they can discover their God-given gifts.
Most of the time, our gifts and talents are very evident, we just haven't identified them yet.
1.- What activity draws you when you have a block of free time? If television, phone and computer were not a choice, what do you usually do when you have free time?
Our passion gets displaced by traditional education methods.
Together with your gifts and talents, God put a dream in your heart. Now you can unleash the power of a self-directed learning process and discover how to exploit your unique combination of gifts and talents!


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