Wednesday, 26 January 2011

High School Find

How to Find an Old Friend From High School - Locating Someone From the Past
You may suddenly feel nostalgic and think about getting in touch with a former old high school classmate. Yet, it's hard to know where to start. First of all, look them up in home town where you knew them to see if their parents are in the home. If so, that would be a good way to get the phone number.
If that fails, see if your high school has a website. The database may be there that has current phone numbers of graduates from the high school sorted by year. Of course, if the person never replied to the information sent by the school, this may not be available.

You can check both Facebook and MySpace to see if he is registered there.Some high school classmates use this to stay in touch with others.
If you are still striking out, type in the person's name in google and see if you can find information. If it is a female, they may have a new last name so this can be difficult. Do you remember some of their friends?
Type in their friends names from high school as well in order to see if you can locate them. You can then give them a call and re-introduce yourself letting them know you wish to find your former friend. It may be better to ask for an e-mail address if the person is reluctant to give out a phone number.
There are also some helpful websites to track someone down from the past and you can use them to locate your old friend from high school. Don't just let your friendship fade away and disappear. Your friend may be looking for you too but unsure of how to find you. Are you listed on the high school website? Do you have your name out on the web? If you are married, try to get out some info with your maiden name as well so people can locate you.


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