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French Schools

French Schools
How to successfully choose a school in France
Any child living in France has the right to join the French education system. He or she can attend either
the local state school or a private school or even one of the many bilingual schools, either state run or
private depending on their needs. State schools are naturally free but private school are often considerably cheaper than you would imagine. Of course prices will vary from school to school and one region to another however to give you an idea our school fees are under 600EUR per annum for 2 children, one in college and one in primary school. In some areas children also attend school on Saturday mornings but will enjoy longer holidays in compensation.
Between the age of 3 and 5 children can join an "ecole maternelle" or nursery school. From the age of 6 to 11 children must attend a primary school or "ecole primaire".
Schools generally provide before and after school care for a
very small price so children with working parents can be left from 7.30 am until 7.00 pm. From the age of 11 to 16 children attend "college" or secondary schools where a broader spectrum of subjects are learnt. At the age of 16 children either move onto "Lycee" (6th form college) or specialist schools to study
vocational subjects. It is therefore imperative to find a renowned primary school that can prepare their child for competitive entrance exams to independent secondary schools and state grammar schools.
If you are a resident of the UK, there are two choices available in preparatory or primary schools- state schools or government funded schools that provide education free of charge, and private or independent schools that charge a fee for providing education. While both state primary schools and private primary schools offer a full programme of studies based on the National Curriculum, a private primary or preparatory school provides many more additional facilities and learning opportunities which would go a long way in shaping your child's future. 1. Private primary schools are known to provide more individual teaching when compared to state schools.
2. A private school has better pupil-teacher ratios, usually at around 9:1.
3. A private school usually offers longer teaching hours and homework.
4. A private preparatory school gives special emphasis on extra curricular activities and organised sports.
5. A private school gives more importance to traditional academic subjects such as maths, classics and modern languages than that prescribed by the National Curriculum.
Gone are the days when only the elite sent their children to private schools. The benefits provided by any well-known private primary school now compel every couple to choose a private preparatory school for their child.
A private primary school provides education to children in their Foundation Stage (2-5 years of age) and the Main School (5 - 11 years of age). A good private primary school ensures that every child engages in a wide range of activities during the Foundation Stage to grow, develop and learn rapidly. Many private primary schools also offer extra subjects like piano lessons and QCA approved computer modules at an extra cost.
Most good private primary schools hire specialist subject teachers for children in their main school to teach French, swimming, games, and computers. A good private primary school always adopts an emphatic approach to help the child. In many cases, the school advises for a child's assessment by an educational psychologist to identify his learning difficulties, if any. This would help both the parents and the school to offer a little more guidance and support to the child.
French language schools are the right places from where you can derive countless information about the strategies associated with the French language, and it is open to all.
If you really want to speak French like the natives, then you are supposed to seek the influential role played by the French language schools and you are supposed to immerse yourself totally in the language, so that you are able to speak French fluently just like the natives.
French language schools play the initial role to impart knowledge on the French language. Nothing can play the role as that played by the French language, and it is considered that learning French helps to attain a finishing touch to your education career, and also you are able to feel the significance of the French culture. French is the primary language, not only for France, but also for other countries as well.


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