Monday, 14 February 2011

Free Teacher Resources

Websites Offering Free Teacher Resources For Language Teachers
Language teachers who teach English as a second language or those teaching other languages such as Spanish, German, French Latin and Portuguese have access to free teacher resources that can help them teach new languages to students easily and quickly.
The other website that offers free teacher resources for language teachers is Vocabulix. Language teachers can use the verb conjugation chart available on the website. The Vocabulix website also offers social networking that links language students to native speakers of the language. The other website that language teachers will find teacher resources from is Forvo. The most important tool offered by this website is word pronunciation.

Language students will find pronunciation tools in the form of audio recordings. The site supports almost two hundred languages and therefore all language teachers will find some tools to use in teaching. Language teachers can also get free teacher resources from the Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon (CAPL) website. Teachers will find images that they can use to teach English, German, Chinese, French and Spanish among other languages. The other website helpful for language teachers is The Story Place. The resources are ideal for teaching children in preschool and elementary school levels.
Verbs online is the other website offering free teacher resources for language teachers. Teachers can use the resources to assist their students in practicing verb conjugations. The website offers practice activities for students learning English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian. The other website that offers resources useful for teaching languages is WordSteps. Teachers can use the resources from this website to teach vocabulary covering nine different languages. The other website that teachers will find useful is Kindersay. This website has resources for teaching preschool and elementary pupils. Teachers can also use the resources that enable students to practice their language skills by creating comic strips from the Make Beliefs website. Using the free resources from these websites will allow teachers to teach languages effectively.
Teachers who teach lessons in humanities or social studies can take advantage of free teacher resources from educational websites. The website offers many resources that teachers can use to teach their students on facts such as the events in the First and Second World War. The other free teacher resource available for teachers is the Google Maps website. Teachers can use the website to create tours and placemarks useful for students learning Geography. The other website to get free teacher resources for humanities teachers is Google Books. The other website that contains useful information for teaching Humanities is Google Scholar. Teachers can get high quality works that will support the information contained in students' textbooks. The National Archives Document is the other website that teachers can find free teacher resources. The Yale University provides a free resource for teachers by the name Avalon Project. Elementary school teachers can also find information useful for teaching History. The other resource offered on the website is history games. History teachers can find animations of the U.S civil war and the American Revolution from the History Animated website. The other free teacher resources for Humanities teachers are virtual field trips and Economics lessons. They can get these resources from the BizEd website. Teachers can download free lesson plans, glossaries and slideshows. The other good website to get teacher resources is the Playing History site. The other resources available for teachers of Humanities are news programs that cover worldwide news. The most important input for teaching is the teaching material. There is a huge stockpile of free teacher resources, waiting to be used.
There are a number of free sites, which could be used for free teacher resources. One of my favorite websites is the Teacher's guide.
Then there is a special website, dedicated to the teacher's socializing. It is called the Teacher's corner. If you are a teacher, and are in search for some free teacher resources, then you could try out the following key words. These include the teacher's lesson plan, the teacher's worksheets, teacher's printable s, the site for the classroom management of the teacher, web sites dedicated to mathematics, Ideas in the lessons for the teachers, the teacher activities for the primary school teachers, Kid's educational sites, and many more.


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